The Dark Knight In The Bright Day

This comic might look familiar too you. That’s because a version of it was originally published almost exactly a year ago in my very short lived HijiNKS ENSUE spinoff comic, FANEURYSM. Even though I had moved on with a new direction for HE, I still wanted to make the occasional pop culture strip. I made less than 20 FANEURYSM comics total, but a few of them are some of my absolute favorites of my own work. Since the series started and ended so quickly, I’ve always feared that those strips would be easily forgotten and certainly never get published in a book. So I’ve decided to rework those few favorite FANEURYSMs into Sharksplode strips, by resizing, re-laying out and recoloring them to match the Sharksplode esthetic. I’ll probably toss one in the archive each week until the 4 or 5 I don’t want to lose have been shared.

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