1. buffy is a really great example of the gay double standard: while there is an abundance of straight sex (i.e. the one episode where buffy boinks so excessively their sex energy fuels some ancient evil), Willow rarely touched her GF, and it takes more than a whole season from alleged to on-screen kissing (while all other couples held their snoggings publicly).
    Maybe it was FOX’s gay hysteria or Whedon’s fear of being accused of Ally McBealism, it felt horribly awkward.
    Other shows, without that gayness at least don’t rub it into the viewers faces.

    • And then they moved it over to the comics and all manner of sex started happening: boy/girl, girl/girl, implied boy/girl/boy, alluded to desire for boy/female centaur, etc.

    • I got the impression that the restraint came more from Joss; he purposely held off showing Willow and Tara kissing until "The Body," so that the strong narrative of that episode would deliberately overshadow any sort of gay WHAARRGARRBL, pro or anti.

    • I watch it for a break from the str8 world, and inbetween commercials on Comedy Central, or when Anderson Cooper lies to me with his eyes.
      I'm on to you, Anderson. Oh yes…I am.

  2. All I remember from Buffy is Xander constantly whining and SMG trying to act tough. Ok, we get it 1990's, girls can be tough too.

    I also remember abusing myself to Willow.

  3. Just started renting Season 1 on Netflix this week, so I haven't really "gotten" into the show much so far. I do notice that "themed" channels tend to stretch what fits into that category. I mean, the Country Music Network keeps playing National Lampoon Christmas Vacation… and it's how many months since December?

  4. Buffy is light on the actual gay content, but on the other hand, virtually every one of my geeky queer friends (myself included) loves Buffy (or Joss in general). It's a weird cultural thing for gay geeks, I think. Also, you're forgetting gay points for utter camp, especially in the first few seasons. But you're right on about Logo playing up the gay content. I would just say, "look, we know you love it. Just mix yourself up a nice mojito, tell your non-geek friends you're watching Sex and the City or some nonsense, and drink it in."

    • No, I'm thinking it's because you can only re-run "RuPaul's Drag Race" (Hi, I'm an oxymoron) 47 times a day.
      Sometimes Logo feels like the gay version of <insert name of cable channel here>, because they re-run things so often…like Sci-Fi or Comedy Central.
      It is nice to see Buffy on TV again…but I'm betting they won't put Angel on, even with the Angel/Spike gayness in 4th season.
      They'll hit gay gold in 10 years, if we can get Smallville off the air. Then they can air the Clex in all its glory: "Clark, I know you're hiding something…hit me in the head again…no, the other one…"

  5. Doh! Being on the wrong continent, I haven't paid much attention to your con dates and came hoping for a new strip.

    Ah well. I hope the con ruled and that more fancy bastards have been added to the fold. And that you sold a bunch of books. And had fun. To read is make my writing English good.

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