Stacking The Odds

As I type this, the series premiere of Joss Whedon’s first foray into TV in 5 years, “Dollhouse,” is only hours away. I approach this show with so much trepidation, that I’m not even sure if I’m enthusiastic any more. Joss and Fox have such a sordid history, that I’ve been second guessing every aspect of “Dollhouse.

  • Is Joss going to make the show he wants to, or the one he thinks won’t get cancelled?
  • Is Fox going to let us see all 13 episodes, get attached and still NOT pick up the second season?
  • Is it actually going to be good?
  • Is it actually going to be great?

At least we can beging to answer the last two questions later tonight. The initial reviews were luke warm at best, then the pilot was reshot, and now the reviews are ranging from “TEPID!” to “MASTERPIECE!” TV Worth Watching calls it “…Whedon’s 4th TV Triumph.” Oh course the other 3 triumphs they are referencing were all cancelled too.

Post your hopes, and fears for Dollhouse in the comments, or wait until after the premiere and post your review-ish thoughts. No spoilers in the comments please.


To commemorate the network that so often crushes our geeky little hearts into geeky heart jelly, I offer the “LOLFOX: WERE IN UR TV CANCELING UR SHOWS” t-shirt.

See? It’s less evil if you pretend a silly kitty is cancelling Arrested Development and Firefly. Silly ol’ kitty.

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  1. I have hope! I've stayed away from most of the previews so I'll be watching tomorrow with only a vague understanding of the concept to go on. I think Joss can pull off a more serious-toned show, I have faith in him, though the concept seems limiting and I'm not sure Eliza is up to it from what critics have said, but she might grow into a more skilful actress with time and a central role in a series with better writing than Tru Calling.

  2. A few weeks? I believe Fox plans to put the show on a different night and time every week. That's the best way to generate interest in the show, right?

  3. As I was reading my first thought was "Where's ALF when you need him?" I do recall an episode where he took advantage of the family's Neilsen status and called all the other Neilsen housholds to make some polka band variety show #1 in the ratings.

    Too bad he couldn't have done the same to save his own show. How meta would that have been.

  4. The shirt should actually have a kitty on it in a comfy desk chair. Or a drunk retard throwing darts to cancel shows.

    My hopes for Dollhouse: That we actually get enough episodes to see if it can find it's feet. Buffy was no instant homerun – it stumbled off and on the first season or so. Firefly was weirdly successful but had occasional moments where you wondered where it was headed. Angel took time to find it's legs. Many good shows take time to find an audience and their rhythm. I just want Dollhouse to get a pair of seasons to see if it has a direction.

    I worked in the entertainment industry for a long time. Sometimes producers know where they are going. Often they don't. I just want to see if Joss does.

  5. Fuck. I forgot Friday Night Smackdown was on. Thanks for the reminder Joel. I almost watched Fox's two hours of titty explosions (or what I assume to be titty explosions based on the advertising).

  6. For the next 2 weeks my family and I will be filling out the little Nielson diary they send out to people. I'll be sure to put Dollhouse on there for all three tv's even if we do end up watchin' rasslin' on all of em.

  7. All I'm saying is: Bones or Arrested Development? Bones or Firefly? It's not the worst show they've ever had, but it's in no way worth renewing for this many seasons.

    I hope Dollhouse lives up to its Whedon predecessors in every area except longevity.

  8. What with it now being saturday morning in the UK and what with me being in the UK, entirely unable to watch Dollhouse due to the fact that no-one over here has even bought the show yet, I was wondering if it was worth watching it all…? I've not read reviews so am looking to you guys to give me the lowdown! Come on… is it another Firefly? or is it 100% Buffy?

  9. *Aussie who just saw it via torrent, without spoilering, comments on it through song:*

    "For the me-mor-y of a life-time, Doll-house, Doll-house, Doll-house (doll-house, doll-house…)"

  10. I wasn't able to watch the awesome block of Sci-Fi that was on last night (A Dollhouse sandwich on Terminator and Battlestar bread). At first I felt really bad, because I wasn't supporting those shows. Then I realized that since I am not a Nielsen household, it really didn't matter, and that me watching it on Hulu today would actually probably look better for the show's ratings.

    If you need me, I'll be on Hulu for the next three hours…

  11. hey, if anything, Amercan Idol and 24 were on too long. Jack's loud whispering schtick got real old real fast. How many more years must we suffer thru hack wannabe-singers butchering the classics?

  12. Joel: They gave Echo the personality of a nearsighted asthmatic that had been kidnapped and raped as a child. Seriously? That makes about as much sense as Victor von Frankenstein making his creature out of CRIPPLED OLD MEN.

  13. The show was okay. Was decent exposition, and mildly exciting. But Whedon's strength lies in the ongoing story, not the opening. I still reserve judgment.

  14. So much sci-fi geekery in one night! Clone Wars, T:SCC, Dollhouse, & BSG! Hollywood is trying to kill what little I have of a social life! If they assume I can't get a date on Fridays like a normal person, I should be insulted.

    btw, who thinks Dushku is bonin' Whedon to put her on this show?

  15. I'll answer this one, since I'm sure someone else will if I don't. Joss actually has Dushku to thank for the opportunity to do this show, since Fox offered Dushku the oportunity to be the lead in any new show she wanted and she then stipulated that she wanted Joss to create and run the show. Thats what he gets for investing in unknowns.

  16. beat me to it. Dushku's contract with Fox gave them first right of refusal on any project involving her. The whole Dollhouse concept started with a lunch conversation between Joss and Dush.

    Someday people will talk about how the HE podcast started with Lunch conversations between me Eli and Josh [stars in eyes].

  17. I actually liked it.
    It started somewhat slow, but once the actual "case" was presented I realy liked it.
    I can see myself liking alot of the characters, echo's handler and the computer guy for starters.
    Te whple FBI thing was eh for me, not relly nesesary but ill wait and see how it plays out.
    "Dollhouse, dollhouse dollhouse, it rolls out of the tongue"
    Awesome dialog

  18. The only things I have to say about "Dollhouse", is that when Fox put out the advertisments saying this was an original idea or whatever, and then explained part of the premise of the show, and then had shown shots of the episodes I instantly thought it sounded and looked like Paycheck. Instead of having Ben Affleck, they just put in an "attractive" woman as the main character. Maybe the creators of the show were hoping that the viewers wouldn't realize that the ideas are exactly the same if they had some scantily dressed woman running around being all "actiony". This is just a lame excuse to show off some skin of some other bimbo.

  19. I'm very sorry to say this – I'm a big Firefly fan – but Dollhouse's first episode was rubbish. Knight Rider rubbish. And I don't think it's ripping off Paycheck (PKD must be spinning in his grave over that one), I see this more as a Quantum-Leap-without-the-wit-but-with-bimbo-flesh thing.

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