Stacking The Odds

As I type this, the series premiere of Joss Whedon’s first foray into TV in 5 years, “Dollhouse,” is only hours away. I approach this show with so much trepidation, that I’m not even sure if I’m enthusiastic any more. Joss and Fox have such a sordid history, that I’ve been second guessing every aspect of “Dollhouse.

  • Is Joss going to make the show he wants to, or the one he thinks won’t get cancelled?
  • Is Fox going to let us see all 13 episodes, get attached and still NOT pick up the second season?
  • Is it actually going to be good?
  • Is it actually going to be great?

At least we can beging to answer the last two questions later tonight. The initial reviews were luke warm at best, then the pilot was reshot, and now the reviews are ranging from “TEPID!” to “MASTERPIECE!” TV Worth Watching calls it “…Whedon’s 4th TV Triumph.” Oh course the other 3 triumphs they are referencing were all cancelled too.

Post your hopes, and fears for Dollhouse in the comments, or wait until after the premiere and post your review-ish thoughts. No spoilers in the comments please.


To commemorate the network that so often crushes our geeky little hearts into geeky heart jelly, I offer the “LOLFOX: WERE IN UR TV CANCELING UR SHOWS” t-shirt.

See? It’s less evil if you pretend a silly kitty is cancelling Arrested Development and Firefly. Silly ol’ kitty.

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