Self Righteous in Diggnation

I was listening to Kevin Rose and Alex Albrecht debate the merits of Microsoft’s new “Surface” technology on Diggnation’s 100th Vidcast (or Tube-Cast, or Pod-Pod or Robotron-Talkie). Needless to say Kevin wasn’t having any of this noise in HIS house (who’s house? Run’s house). No matter that the Surface offers everything a geek would ever want from a piece of technology shy of a reacharound and a shoulder to cry on afterwards, Kevin couldn’t be swayed.

If Bill Gates cured gonorrhea, Kevin would rather watch his dick turn black and fall off than except the cure’s EULA.

Remember when Kevin Rose used to shine heatsinks, and benchmark RAM for Leo Laporte on The Screen Savers (I had flying toasters and bad dog)? Now he has a 60 million dollar company. I guess that’s cool. If you’re into millions of dollars and dating web-porn stars. I guess.


Josh actually indulges in the particular form of disgusting illustrated above quite often. Mmmm, fake cheese powder, corn chips and peanut butter. Just like no sane person ever used to make.

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  1. I guess it is. I didnt put that much thought into it. But since it offends your culinary depravity, I might actually make it say “Skippy.” Crunchy Skippy even.

  2. Seriously. You dont even have to eat them to cause a catastrophic event. It’s like crossing the streams.


    Similar analogy:

    Me, Mikey, Eli, and Josh are standing on top of a skyscraper in NY, and Gozer tells us to choose the form of our destroyer.

    All of a sudden a 200 ft tall anthropomorphic blob of creamy Peter Pan with Doritos for claws comes lumbering down Madison Avenue.

    “What did you do, Josh?!”

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