See You In The Funny Papers

Get it? The one guy was talking about a thing but it seemed like something else and the other guy didn’t realize it until the end at which point he fell over. Now that’s a comic even Josh’s aforementioned grandparents could glance over and giggle slightly at before returning to thoughts of their ever impending mortality.

Jeph Jacques threw down the meme-gauntlet and  challenged other webcartoonists to draw their comics as if they were syndicated newspaper comic strips after seeing THIS recent addition to the syndicated line up. I was only going to post this on twitter under #ifitweresyndicated but I put so much dang effort into it I thought it deserved a proper posting. It was actually harder to draw poorly and MUCH harder to write something this frakkin’ cornball. I don’t know how those guys do it every day.

Here are a few other webcartoonists who were up to the challenge:

Jorph Jerks’s original [QC]

Bill Barnes [Unshelved]

Jeff Zugale’s [Just a Bit Off]

There will probably be a new comic tomorrow (Thursday) at some point since I was actually working on a proper HE update before I got sidetracked kicking a dead horse industry.

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  1. God no! Its like some twilight zone episode! Please come back excellent art…profanity and violence! :O

  2. This is awful. Well done. But I have to say Joel – you fail overall – the norms in the newspaper strips won't know what bit-torrent is, will they? Or has Foxtrot actually mentioned it? That would be the only way.

  3. I'm so disappointed. I can't get the links to work to be able to see the crap that led to this. I can't get to

    dammit… I like crap.

  4. while i do abhor most newspaper comics, Lio brightens my day whenever i read it. i have a tear off calender of it on my desk. granted Lio doesn't really fit in with the rest of the funny pages and even makes fun of the other comics…oh well

  5. Bleh. I read the comics section in a newspaper a few weeks ago, and it was like read "Two and a Half Men" in comic strip format. I stand firmly by my belief that syndicated comics died when Bill Watterson retired.

    • I think they went on life support when the original "Bloom County" went away, and "Calvin & Hobbes" just kept them going for a few years longer. Since then, it's pretty much been kruft recycled from 1972

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