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Why is Joel reading a newspaper? 

Perhaps you remember the treatment that Steve Jobs, a Buddhist, had at the hands of the editorial cartoonists of America. Yesterday, upon learning of Christopher Hitchens’ untimely death, my friend Josh Cagan commented via twitter:

“That sound you hear is every editorial cartoonist shitting a brick, realizing they can’t draw Hitchens at the pearly gates.”

To which I replied:  “the second sound is them doing it anyway because, hey, fuck it.”

I’m sure a lot of you didn’t agree with Hitch’s politics or views on religion, but I hope you can all at least respect that he wanted to see humanity evolve beyond the constraints of fear and doubt and better ourselves through a greater understanding of ourselves and the universe around us.

COMMENTERS: If you find anyone that actually makes a “Hitch and St. Peter” comic, please link it in the comments so I can be sad. If you find anyone that does something clever with the idea, please link that as well. If you have a favorite Hitch quote, story or a link to tribute or article, please feel free to link that as well. Please please please PLEASE do not start a religious or political flame war in the comments. Anyone doing that will be banned.

See You In The Funny Papers

Get it? The one guy was talking about a thing but it seemed like something else and the other guy didn’t realize it until the end at which point he fell over. Now that’s a comic even Josh’s aforementioned grandparents could glance over and giggle slightly at before returning to thoughts of their ever impending mortality.

Jeph Jacques threw down the meme-gauntlet and  challenged other webcartoonists to draw their comics as if they were syndicated newspaper comic strips after seeing THIS recent addition to the syndicated line up. I was only going to post this on twitter under #ifitweresyndicated but I put so much dang effort into it I thought it deserved a proper posting. It was actually harder to draw poorly and MUCH harder to write something this frakkin’ cornball. I don’t know how those guys do it every day.

Here are a few other webcartoonists who were up to the challenge:

Jorph Jerks’s original [QC]

Bill Barnes [Unshelved]

Jeff Zugale’s [Just a Bit Off]

There will probably be a new comic tomorrow (Thursday) at some point since I was actually working on a proper HE update before I got sidetracked kicking a dead horse industry.