You have to give it to Bryan Singer for realizes his mistake in abandoning the X-Men franchise, then taking the first available opportunity to COMPLETELY ERASE the one X-Men movie he didn’t direct from continuity. There were parts of Days Of Future Past that felt like he was just course correcting the damage done to the story, and there were other times that seemed like a giant middle finger, or Adamantium/bone claw to Brett Ratner.

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It’s still a relatively new film, so I won’t get into spoilers or specifics, but Days Of Future Past is now probably my favorite X-Men movie. In it, you finally get to see some things (mutant powers, character traits, relationships, etc) that have been hinted at, but somehow left out of all of the previous films. It just feels like a more complete X-Men movie.

For those that HAVE seen it: don’t you, like me, want to see an ENTIRE MOVIE set in that apocalyptic future? It was very intriguing and visually/stylistically quite cool. I’ve read that some of the original cast might make an appearance in Age Of Apocalypse (probably Wolverine, if I had to guess), but it seems like they are moving the franchise forward with the First Class crew from here on out. Age Of Apocalypse is supposed to take place in the 80’s, but I wonder if Singer (assuming he sticks with it) will keep them from every butting up to the first X-Men movie which was set in 2000. In that film, Professor X was already in his 60’s. I doubt James McAvoy is going to be able to pull that look off. Maybe they’ll do 2 or 3 more movies set in the 80’s to early 90’s, then close the book on this cast as well.

I am still holding out hope for a Magneto movie starring Fassbender. He really does step into Magneto’s skin and become that character fully. All of the conflict, the drive, the righteous indignation, the barely suppressed rage just flows out of his ever glance and carefully spoken word. I suppose I feel the same way about James Marsden’s portrayal of Cyclops, in that I give zero shits about Scott Summers as a character and I give the same number of shits (which is holding steady at zero) about Marsden’s portrayal of (to be clear) THE MOST BORING PERSON IN THE WORLD WHO CAN SHOOT A NUCLEAR CANNON OUT OF HIS FACE.

COMMENTERS: Feel free to discuss your thoughts on Days Of Future Past (without getting into spoiler territory), or X-Men movies in general (and the sliding/shifting/disappearing continuity). What X-Men storyline would you most like to see brought to life in film? What characters would you like to see solo films for?

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  1. Uh. Professor X was alive in a hospital bed in the after-credits scene of X-Men III. Maybe not conscious, but definitely not still vaporized.

  2. Happy Birthday! Personally, I think Professor X took over the body of Dr. Armstrong, who was successfully re-hydrated but brain dead after being taken over by a curvaceous naked space alien.

  3. I love all the X-Men films, yes even X3, I know I know I'm some blasphemous something something for breaking the apparent unspoken geek rule that we don't talk about or acknowledge X3, go ahead, curse me to hell, I've heard it all before, but I do, I love them, they've all meant something to me at some point in my life.

    I really love X-Men Days of Future Past. Was DOFP perfect? No, but it was honestly better than I'd originally been expecting. I loved so much about it. There are things I wish had been done different/better, but I blame Singer's want for action over staying true to character development from XMFC. I wasn't entirely happy with the ending, for many reasons, which I won't get into here to avoid spoilers. Overall, I loved the theme of hope that it had, it's something that I feel I need in my life, to have hope, especially for a better future (my own, versus all of mutant kind, but still.)

    I would love to see a Mystique film, because as much as I adore so many of the cast, the X-Men films are kind of a sausagefest and with DOFP they did show that Mystique can be a great character, when given the chance and proper character development and I'd like to see a film with her.

    I'm also really hoping that Singer won't be involved with the next one, whether or not it's going to be the last one with the XMFC cast (depending on how well the next one does, I do know from the XMFC press junket that the actors (especially James and Michael) had been contracted for three films, we've gotten two of them now) and I'd really hope for a truly great story, without a lot of Singer's BS. He probably will be and so I honestly won't hold my breath for it to be any good (and I really hope Wolverine isn't it nor any of the other X-Trilogy cast, it was great seeing them in DOFP, but just… leave them out of it or go ahead and make another movie with just them, but don't bring them into another XMFC film) and maybe I'll be surprised again or if it does end up being shit, I won't be utterly disappointed.

  4. I was really enjoying the revisiting of the old X-men movie characters, then Cyclops appeared and it all drained away. The worst.

    I choose to believe that Xavier is Picard living out the dreams of someone else, only instead of learning to play the flute, he is learning to use awesome telepathic powers. Then he's going to rub it in Troi's face that he's better than her at everything.

  5. That's just it, Xavier is Picard. You see, whoever he takes over you see as his body. He uses his telepathic abilities to manipulate your sight in to seeing him versus that man or woman whom he has forced is conciousness upon. Thus, he lives forever.

    On another note, I have yet to see this movie and even so I support that Cyclops sucks sucks sucks. I feel they need to bring Bishop in to the plot what with all the time traveling. That for me would make it a movie worth seeing.

    • Actually, the idea that Xavier uses his telepathy to make you see him as he used to look is not a terrible explanation for not looking like the coma guy.

  6. Fassbender's domestic abuse and the case against Singer for rape has really dulled my interest in the movies, which is a real shame. X-Men was my first real fandom, back when I was a teensy lil' guy watching the cartoons.

    • Yeah, but we don't know if any of the charges against Singer are true, or just another Kevin Clash type situation of a young hustler trying to get a big payday. First Ive heard of Fassbender.

    • The chargest against Fassbender were dropped and the details that are known about them are far too fishy, dates don't match up, etc. It's also from 2010, so 4-5 years old now, I first heard about it in 2011 after XMFC came out. The fact that it's been brought up again after DOFP just makes me think there's some Fassbender haters who just want to turn fans against him, whenever he's got a popular/well known film out.

  7. X3 is bad, but in my opinion X-Men Origins: Wolverine is far worse. I've never before or since left a movie theater so disappointed.

    • I agree with this fully. X-Men 3 was a bad X-men movie, Origins: Wolverine was a sad time to be alive and conscious. The entire script was just just filler words to get to "REVEALS." It seemed to smug and satisfied with itself when it would say shit like "Yes, he'll heal, but his memories won't…. BECAUSE THIS IS HOW LOGAN LOSES HIS MEMORY." And the "Blob" reveal and the "Gambit" reveal, and the entire conceit of the plot being Striker creating an UNSTOPPABLE UNKILLABLE MURDER MACHINE as a TEST so that he could ACTUALLY create a DIFFERENT UNSTOPPABLE UN… jesus.

  8. Yeah, he used the Phoenix death scene to show the loss that Logan experienced, but that's pretty much all he used from X3 (I think he just decided to ignore the Xavier killing scene, since otherwise he'd not be able to use the best due in modern genre films).

  9. I really enjoyed DOFP. Though as a not-hardcore X-Men fan, I feel like my opinion isn't worth that much. And there were times when I REALLY thought Young!Magneto and Young!Xavier were going to kiss…and it was pretty disappointing when they didn't.

  10. Solar Powered Concussive blast which I guess would be like a nuclear cannon in some way. All this Cyclops hate makes me side with Cyclops. I do not find him boring or annoying.

  11. I don't know why people hate Cyclops so much, I've only seen the movies, so he could be super horrible in the comics, but he just doesn't seem bad enough to earn so much anger. Of course I may just be biased since I love James Marsden.

  12. If you actually think about there are a lot of plot holes in the X men franchise. Some even in Singers films. Like when Charles said he met magneto at 17. I like the new one a lot and gives me hope for future X men.

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