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Thanks to a little RT bump from Admiral Wheaton himself I crossed 5000 followers on Twitter last night. The comic above was inspired by the tweets that followed my little milestone, which seemed somehow fitting. Like scattering the ashes of a guy that like to surf in a shark’s mouth or something.

ANOTHER THING: A lot of you have tweeted, emailed or otherwise alerted me to a comic which has received a lot of press in the last couple of days that bears a striking resemblance to my “You’re The Last of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic. The guy that drew it is Adam Koford. He is one of my favorite cartoonists, an incredible talent and a really nice guy to boot. I’ve talked to him and it seems that it really was a case of “same idea/same time.” Adam admits that mine went up first, but this was in no way a ripoff type situation. I actually find it kind of astounding that we did this in the same random week considering that neither Peanuts, nor Doctor Who are current, topical items. Either way no harm, no foul.

For those interested a shirt of my design is in the works, so stay tuned. Also, here’s a preview of my new convention flyer.

COMMENTERS: I’m sure there are more ranks and levels within Twitter. Please give me their names, the number of followers (or the achievement you have to unlock to acquire the title), and the perks or punishments involved.

CHECK IT OUT: I put a desktop version of the “You’re The Last Of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic in The Vault.

You're The Last Of the Time Lords, Charlie Brown Wallpaper Preview

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    • Weird Al kinda looks like Same Axe's (Bruce Campbell in Burn Notice) long-lost brother in that video.
      Esp. when he's "voting"

  1. I'd say Doctor Who is pretty topical, considering how close we are to the debut of Series 6. Of course, neither of those Doctors are very topical, but that's kinda splitting hairs…

  2. I'm scared what person Justin Bieber would choose to kill. Maybe someone can hire Robert Langdon to decipher Justin Bieber's tweets to find out who's the mark.

    And note that 702K followers nets you the rights to any prostitute within 1000 miles of you. (I'm sure some people will get that.)

  3. Stephen Fry has: 2,463,256 Followers

    This number of followers should only be attempted by Twitter Grand Masters. When you reach this top tier of the Twitterati which is known as "Grand Lord Elite of Excellence, and Tomfoolery" you receive a Twitter Black Card. This card allows you…well pretty much anything you want really.

  4. If you reach 1.8 Million followers and star in at least three hit webseries, you join the Super Secret Warriors Guild of [Felicia] Day. At this level you get the keys to Joss Whedon's brain and the ability to control the minds of geeks all over the world.

    And at the 9.3 Million followers mark, you pass the fabled Goo Goo Gaga Threshold which grants you the ability to turn the masses into mindless minions at the sound of your voice.

    Plus 10% off at the Apple Store. But only on alternate Wednesdays.

  5. Over 7 million followers and you receive unlimited access to EITHER Nathan Fillion's refrigerator OR Neil Patrick Harris' DVR.

    • Crap, I meant 7 THOUSAND. For 7 million you'd better get access to both their minds. And possibly their beds, depending upon your sexual orientation.

  6. slightly related to comic:
    omg man, do you rly need to tweet your every thought? borders on and even reaches spam (see dropbox tweet = definition of spam).
    i'd like to follow you but you hit me with a wall of useless text every time i log on. you don't have to RT every stupid tweet about someone receiving your book or links to your comic.
    big surprise: we already know about your book and comics.
    even worse: you spoil your own damn punch lines (twitter wizards!!1!1!).
    i also dont effing care about the colors on some damn tshirt.

    maybe stfu for a second and think about what actually could interest people ftw? And what they could consider useless spam?


    • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE UNFOLLOW me and stop reading my comic. Hell, let me know your twitter handle and I can just save you the trouble and block you.

      Big surprise: I dont need entitled assholes like you reading my comic, following me on twitter or interacting with me in any way shape or form.

      You are unappreciated, unneeded and unwelcome.

      [Please let this jackoff's example be a lesson to ALL comics readers out there. THIS is exactly how NOT to behave in a reader/creator relationship.]

      • I also want to add: How is "*REALLY REALLY REALLY CLOSE TO UNFOLLOWING!!*" an actual threat? What is supposed to happen to me when this shitwagon clicks the unfollow button? Do I lose money? Do I lose self respect? Do I even notice? I'll give you a hint. The answer to all three is the same.

        Here's another hint: Fuck that guy.

        The only reason Im not deleting this comment is so anyone else that feels that "entitled digester of free entertainment" itch creeping up their spine can learn from this douche nozzle's example and stifle themselves.

        • I started with the comic. I don't know where I first saw it or which one it was, but it was funny. I went back and read all of them.
          Then I started listening to the podcasts.
          Then I became a subscriber.
          Then I preordered a super-mega-happy-artist edition of HEBOOK1 as soon as it was available.
          Then I bought a HE T-Shirt.
          Then I friended Joel on facebook.
          Then I started following him on Twitter.
          Then I preordered a super-mega-happy-artist edition of HEBOOK2 as soon as it was available.

          Joel, I swear on a stack of Battlestar DVDs that I am NOT stalking you. Honest. I am merely a fan who appreciates your work and hopes you continue.

        • I just got so angry at this on your behalf that I got a damn twitter account just to follow you. That's reasonable, right? Now to figure out how to use twitter….

      • Wow. When I don't like a TV show, I change the channel. When I don't like a song, I shuffle the iPod. When I don't like someone's tweets I just quietly unfollow and read the 400+ other people I follow. Seriously, is it that hard of a concept to grasp?

        If someone doesn't like what I tweet I invite them to unfollow. I get so tired of people telling others the "right" way to tweet. If you don't like the tweets don't follow the tweeter. It's not like your standing in his yard yelling, "I'm HAVING A SAMMICH NOW"

        • Ive unfollowed celebs I LOVE, and people I am actually friends with just because the things they choose to tweet dont interest me or their volume is too great. It is NOT a requirement that I enjoy someone's tweets and it is NEVER appropriate to let them know if I think they are doing it wrong.

        • There are a number of celebrities I would enjoy having in my yard yelling "I'M HAVING A SAMMICH NOW!" Frankly, it'd be nice to have the company.

      • Dammit Joel, we pay your salary, and we demand satisfaction, sir! Now get back to the comic mine and bring me my funny! And don't stop to get all chatty, or so help me, I shall be forced to get huffy once again!

      • Never mind creator/reader — it's not even reasonable form in a tweeter/follower relationship.

        People use Twitter for whatever reason they want to; there's no "right" way to tweet. Complaining about someone's tweetstream is silly and pointless.

        • Nevermind tweeter/follower, it's not even reasonable form in a person/person relationship. You just dont treat people like that. Especially strangers that dont already know what a huge cockslap you are.

    • Quote = "i'd like to follow you but you hit me with a wall of useless text every time i log on. you don't have to RT every stupid tweet about someone receiving your book or links to your comic."
      Make your mind up bitchtits. You're either following Joel or not.
      Unfollow and don't read the comic, you're obviously too dumb to appreciate anything Joel does.

  7. I followed you on Twitter and wasn't even reading your comic.. I just wanted to keep track of the conversations and random vague or not so vague sexual comments between shortpacked, choochoobear and you.

  8. I wouldn't understand half of what Wil Wheaton says if I didn't follow you. Plus, you're awesome in an awesome way.

  9. I'm seriously considering unfollowing you just so I can refollow you to complain that you don't tweet enough insignificant trivia.
    FFS Douchey McWhineybitch up there needs to grab himself a cup of Lose The Entitlement, turn off his computer, and go outside where his attitude will result in a real world slapdown that will re-adjust his face and/or personality.

    Joel, your comic is pure gold and your tweets are silver, possibly electrum (on a good day).

  10. I was not sold on twitter for a very long time. And I honestly still wouldn't tweet anything if I had an account. But it was really cool to find out that like half the BSG cast still communicates, and that Tricia Helfer made a point of stopping by Baltar's house in Vancouver, just to take a picture for her twitter page.

    I'm honestly curious, though. What's the benefit of twitter for the great unwashed? I understand it for celebrities and businessmen (Joel on both fronts) but other than seeing what people in the first two categories are saying, what's the point for the average Joe?

    • Ive asked this question to others and I think I know the answer. It seems twitter only makes sense if you are a "Broadcaster" or a "consumer." A broadcaster has something to gain from you following them. Either they have a product to push, a career for you to pay attention to or a personal brand they are trying to build/maintain. A consumer just wants to be on the receiving end of the broadcasts and be a small part of that person's world. Its also a free source of entertainment for the consumer if you follow the right people.

      I think there is a separate sect of twitter users that really do want to follow say 25 celebs and 25 real friends and use it to keep those friends up to date on their goings on. Facebook seems to be the better place for this, but the behavior is present in twitter none the less.

      • "I think there is a separate sect of twitter users that really do want to follow say 25 celebs and 25 real friends and use it to keep those friends up to date on their goings on. Facebook seems to be the better place for this, but the behavior is present in twitter none the less."

        I quit Facebook over privacy concerns (in both senses of: Facebook knowing too much about what I'm doing and my Grandma knowing too much about what I'm doing). So I use twitter as a place to update my friends on my going-ons because it's the second best place to do so (and god-forbid they find my livejournal). I also follow a handful of celebrities and strangers who have interesting tweets, yourself included.

      • Two things Joel.

        First, thanks for the first well thought out discussion of Twitter I've *ever* seen.

        Second, thanks for giving me that rush I get whenever I brush with celebrity. Not quite as fun as the time I got hugged by George Takei, but you have to take into account the whole internet thing.

      • In many ways, I am both. I send out updates on both my own website and the other website I write for, while often updating with hopefully entertaining tweets to lure in new readers and keep current followers. On the other hand, I go super nerd for so many of nerd heroes on Twitter, and it's amazing the people who have replied to my replies (including MST3K's Bill Corbett and The Simpson's Bill Oakley, btw).

        Has anyone figured out the rewards for 100 followers yet? I hit that about a month ago.

  11. I wonder who Charlie Sheen had killed. Ten bucks says he simply wrote on the card, "GOD", then, when the council read his card and disbelievingly looked back up at him, he snorted a pound of cocaine and exclaimed, "WINNING!"

    And then they probably had security escort him out. After all, there's no way in hell anyone wants to kill Morgan Freeman.

    • Also, I follow one of you guys on Twitter, but I guess I'll go up and follow all of you know. After all, if not just for the witty comments on society (Or whatever it is you wittily comment on), then so you can get a bitchin' discount on a steak at The Outback. Those guys are WAY overpriced.

        • Come on now Joel. We know there's a secret cabal of guys working on the comic – in much the same way that 'James Patterson' is actually a team of guys/girls all putting a story together. /lol/

          And just to join in with the whole twitter thing: I came here from Whedonesque and don't follow you on twitter (even though I obviously should) but do subscribe and come here every single day (that I'm at work) AND MY BOOK TURNED UP THIS WEEKEND! THANK YOU!! :oD

  12. CONGRATS on the milestone, and don't let your new Outback discount go to your head. Either that, or eat as many Awesome Blossoms as you can possibly cram into your belly. Your call.

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