The Biggest Little Medium

Much like Matt Damon‘s character in Clint Eastwood’s Hereafter, Josh is apparently able to commune with the dead. I don’t know if that’s just a thing the gays can do that they aren’t telling everyone else about, or if he was cursed with “the sight” while downloading bit torrents of the complete series of Mamma’s Family during a lighting storm. Either way he is a witch and will be burned for revealing hurtful truths about my dear, sweet Geemaw.

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COMMENTERS: I know this comic doesn’t really have anything to do with Hereafter so, unless you want to talk about the film, let’s just make up other ways that Josh could have gotten psychic powers. Maybe he was trying to cram a Game Genie into a Virtual Boy just as he accidentally put Pop Tarts in the microwave with the foil still on. What are the extents/special circumstance of his powers? Do they only work during reruns of Ugly Betty or Project Runway marathons?

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  1. He was adjusting the aerial on his house trying to get a better picture while Glee was on and a random lightning strike (the best kind, unlike those weasly specifically directed lightning strikes) fused the aerial to his hand and tuned it into the interdimensional void. On the positive side: Conversations With Dead People (sorry – I just had to shoehorn that in there). On the negative side: Gotta buy a new TV aerial!

    On a different note: WTF is going on with that Gary Spivey guy? Why does he have a massive white mic cover on his head? Our TV 'psychics' in the UK content themselves with shiny suits and orangey tans.

  2. It makes think of an old Scottish phrase (image Sean Connery saying it to Alex Trabech, "Achtaa yore yoop yoop eh laddie cha horrrrry," roughly translated "Your mother's a whore and your father holds the money."

  3. "It totally gets worse, your beloved Uncle Addie was better known as Adolf Hitler, a failed art student but hugely successful dick. Fox plans on assassinating Joss Whedon simply to cause you pain, and they will do it in a way that makes all Mac's disappear forever. Plus, you have herpes. I can totally see that in my crystal ball-globe-sphere."

    Why God, why would you give Josh such power?!

  4. Josh accidentally confused a container of toxic waste with the 'personal lubricant.' It worked so well, that the orgasm *literally* made him see God. As a result, he now has special spiritual powers! The downside (at least to you) is that … he's receiving the signal through his no-no area.

  5. My theory? He spent six times the recommended time playing with the Nintendo Virtual Boy and as a result can see beyond the veil between life and death. Also he sees a red "Mario" out of the corner of his eyes, making him paranoid about plumbers.

  6. haha love the artwork in this one, the facial expressions on joel and josh are the best!
    My theory is josh was donkey-punched a little too hard following a wild night at one of the classier gay establishments which he frequents.

  7. While cooking bacon, he was using the DVR remote to browse through archived recordings and found a bunch of old unwatched and somehow protected eppisodes of Ghost Whisperer. These eppisodes would not unprotect and would not allow themselves to be deleted by the remote.

    Mean while the bacon he was cooking had come from scraps of meat he had smuggled out under his ponch from his nearly discovered pig experiment. This bacon is super delicous but wen cooked in a cast iron skillet it causes the human body to become super charged at the moment the bacon reaches the optimum momment between chrispyness and tenderness. It such a momment he phyically rouched the DVR in an attempt to remove the unwanted Ghost Wisperer eppisodes.

    Being super charged by the bacon particals, and being very frustrated with the DVR caused his chi/spririt/soul/whatever to temporaily bond with the chi/spirit/soul/lifeforce of the DVR and the eppisodes of Ghost Whisperer opened a conduit by which the Ghosts of deleted coppies of Medium were able to flow into Josh. Somehow this gave him clavioant powers. He also channels the personality and spirit of Camryn Manheim at random

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