Then there's my metal fabricating shop, Steel Before Zod, my country style buffet, Meal Before Zod, and my movie theater that only plays 'Deliverance,' Squeal Before Zod.


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Alternate Title: OMFZ!

“Hey Supes! You and Lois should come check out my high end steak house, Grill Before Zod. Or my combination massage school/bake your own bread joint, Knead Before Zod. Then there’s my Antarctic wildlife preservation society, Seals Before Zod. That one sort of conflicts with my Alaskan oil lobby, Drill Baby Drill Before Zod. I gots my Zod-Fingers in All Sorts of Zod Pots. I’m trying to build a global freaking brand here.”

COMMENTERS: I think you know what to do. Show me what you got.

CHECK IT OUT: I put a desktop version of the “You’re The Last Of The Time Lords, Charlie Brown” comic in The Vault. A shirt is in the works, so stay tuned.

You're The Last Of the Time Lords, Charlie Brown Wallpaper Preview

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