NYCC 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 1

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Part 1 of 3.

Who knew convention life could be so sexy. Or so meaty? This comic stars Lar, Sohmer, Becker (the meats destroyer) and Rich of Blind Ferret plus a few fans, a couple of breasts and a Cloverfield monster given to my by Hasbro at the show in honor of my Groverfield shirt.

I’ve only done a few conventions with Blind Ferret since they took over my merch and advertising earlier this year, and DAMN has it been an eye opener. I never imagined how much less stressful cons would be if I had a skilled support team backing me up. It’s such a relief to get to talk to readers, draw sketches, etc and not have to worry about finding a shirt size, making change or running credit cards. I can walk away from the booth and know that it’s in good hands, we have these amazing backdrops, all the merch is shipped straight to the con… it’s just such a departure from the DIY/hold everything together with cable ties approach I’ve been taking for the past 3 years. I am so grateful to those guys for everything they have done for me. So grateful, that I chose to make fun of them in nearly every panel of this photo comic.

COMMENTERS: Did you go to NYCC? I did! It was super fun times. Any NYCC stories you want to share? How about New York stories in general? There was a cop directing pedestrian traffic to the con who screamed, “IF YOU CAN READ A FREAKIN’ COMIC BOOK, YOU CAN CROSS THE STREET CORRECTLY!” Nerds, amirite? Always walking all over the place.

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  1. I have never been to NYCC (wrong coast and all), but this year I went to Wondercon for the first time, just for one day, mainly to stop by the booths for the webcomics I read. After that, I was kind of at a loss, so I wandered back to the Blind Ferret booth and stayed there. It's likely they were slightly weirded out by the girl just hanging around knitting, but since I was in a corset (I was cosplaying Agatha Heterodyne from Girl Genius), I think that made up for it. Whatever the reason, it was awfully nice of them, and I'm quite fond of them for it.

  2. Uh can I… I mean, my wife… have pics please?

    Of the knitting, I mean. I'm a knitting widow. There, I said it. Stash everywhere. Even Alyson Hannigan and Felicia Day are knitters, it's like a Goddamn conspiracy to induce yarn based fetishes in nerds.

  3. My friend saw Boba Fett going into an A train station.

    The Way Station was packed that weekend with Con spillover, as well as a steampunk birthday party on Friday and a Doctor Who-ish party on Saturday.

  4. Well once I was there to see a play new York that is not nycc, I stepped out into the street because the little man on the light told me to it was at that point that some one grabbed me by my shirt collar and heaved me back the the bus for the Boston bruins went by mere inches from we're I had been.

  5. "Richard "kissing one of his creator My mind kinda need a scrub right now. well done Sir as always .I think one day I'll come back in the U.S.A. just to live a con.

  6. Mere moments after leaving your booth with my awesome sketch (thank you, yet again, for my 'The Doctor Meets Doc Brown'), we turned a corner and saw creepy old man Zangief from Street Fighter fake-fighting with Casey Jones from TMNT. These are the things that make cons worth going to. Can a CAPCOM vs. TMNT video game be far behind?

    Great meeting you again, and hope to see you next year in NYC.

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