Connecticon 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 2

Wil Wheaton and I got excited and made a thing! Check out our University of Gallifrey Fighting Time Lords Shirt over at Sharksplode.

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CONVENTION NEWS: San Diego ComiCon is in a week and a half! I will be with Ryan and Lar and Danielle at the Blind Ferret Booth in the Webcomic area. Row 13 I believe. I will have books 1 and 2, prints, sketches and nearly all of my shirts.

Thus endeth my Connecticon shenanigans! After the last day of the show, the organizers threw the guests and staff a pasta buffet/bowling party at a place called Bowl-A-Rama. I bowled the best game of my life (a 108), and had an amazing time hanging out with Kris, Rob (Cyanide and Happiness)and Jennie. I partially attribute my all time high score to the addition of a White Russian (Caucasian). The Dude abides, and he knows his bowling drinks.

Every time I post these post-con photo comics I get a few complaints to the tune of, “blah blah this is just a bunch of inside jokes that we don’t get mnah blorh this is how I sound because I’m a stupid whiny baby mnahhh.” I make these photo comics for two reasons. A) to make me and my friends (the ones in the comic) laugh while remembering how much fun we had, and B) to give you guys something to look at while I recuperate from the con. So yeah, they are mostly inside jokes, but that was exactly why I started HE in the first place. To entertain my friends. I personally think it would be cool to see how some of my favorite Internet peoples hang out on their off time. I know this negative sentiment is not shared by the majority of you Fancy Bastards, but I just wanted to clear that up. Regular comics resume tomorrow.

STORE NEWS: The HijiNKS ENSUE Store is closed for a few weeks so I can make some big, exciting changes. [READ MORE HERE] In the meantime you can still get shirts from Sharksplode and HE Book 2 from this very site.

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  1. Even when the inside jokes are impenetrable, the bizarre nature of them (especially as presented) makes them entertaining. So, keep on keepin' on, or whatever the kids be saying these days yo.

  2. I like them for exactly the reasons you said Joel. Keep em up!


  3. You tapped into the Dude's bowling technique? Here's where I blow your mind – The Dude never bowls in The Big Lebowski.
    But instead, had you tapped into the technique of Donny, you would have had a better game then died.
    Your choice, but you must choose!
    Also, it was great being neighbors this weekend.

  4. I actually look forward to your photocomics everytime you go to a convention or have a special event. They're just sooooooo fucking hilarious!!!! Also it's the closests many of us will get to hanging out with famous internet people. 😛

  5. Don't be fooled into thinking that hanging out with these "cewebrities" is in any way, shape, or form a good time. It's all well and good when their biting wit is directed at movies, games, and abstract mathematical concepts; but as soon as you try to mack on some cute Russian waitress, the full force of their negative, misanthropic nature gets visited upon your head!

    • Im pretty sure youve just stumbled on some sort of new universal truth that will guide our society into a new age.

  6. Also we should set fire to the whiners. They're essentially saying "the FREE entertainment I get from your photocomics is not as entertaining as I get from the comics which are hand drawn and take hours to produce which are also then given to me FREE. DANCE, Monkey, DANCE as I choose the song!"

    Fuck you, whiners, be glad there's the good stuff when it is here and try to get something out of what Joel does on the days that he's burnt out from hanging out with fans at cons.

  7. My god… this one made me laugh even harder than the first. We all had an awesome time and will have to do it again in good ol' San Diego. I'm sure I've got a fistful of new drinks to suggest to you if you've got a few more medical conditions to convince me I have.

  8. Dude don’t let haters get you down, (or hatters either. Like that comic was so ‘womp-waaa’ i couldn’t help but laugh). The con comics are fun to see the writers in person and the fun y’all have just dinking I mean drinking around. worst case scenario I am so sycophantic for your comic I just Homer it up

    Ie “Wait, I’m confused about the comic… so the cops knew internal affairs were setting them up?”

    But yeah it is fun, I mean it makes me want to be Yolanda Saldívar to your Selena (without the killing, or….yeah without… right… no killing…). Seriously you should come to the Calgary comic con exbo whatchemelcallit and hang out with Sam and Fuzzy guy (thanks for putting me on to that BTW).
    I mean well, I guess it would be good to find out how many fans you have in Alberta first and what not. But yeah come and tell my wife I have to be your coffee monkey bitch. you have a coffee moneky right? and then i can get some of your hair for my wooden spoon that represents you in my stalker shrine…I had a point…um right Domesticons: conservative transforming robots who fight for female ideals like laundry, they could transform into dust mops and brooms and washing machines…no wait my point is:
    keep it this stuff coming. We/I love your stuff and the con photo coms are fun

  9. Photo comics brought me some of my favourite lines from this strip. Specifically:
    "That's right. I'm climbing out of a little girl's pink limousine. Like a motherfuckin' boss. You jealous-ass bitches."
    "The little one. His sadness sustains me."
    "Is gay CPR the same as regular CPR?"

    So, hell, keep doing them. They're usually funny and if it gives you a post-con break, all the better.

  10. If I have a problem with these post-con photocomics, it is simply that they don't appear to be tagged in one place for my convenient and lazy perusal.

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