NYCC 2013 here I come!

hijinks ensue NYCC 2013 with explosm

I’m returning to New York Comic Con for the first time since 2011. This will be a bit different than my typical con, where I’m exhibiting just as HijiNKS ENSUE. I’ve been sitting in with my Cyanide and Happiness friends doing sketches at conventions for several years, but now that I’m a writer and a voice actor on the Cyanide and Happiness show, we’ve made the “occasional sketch jam” a little more official.

SPEAKING OF ME AND EXPLOSM: Have you seen the new HijiNKS ENSUE Store?! I now have a signed prints, posters and books which is a thing I’ve never offered before.

I’ll be with them all weekend, doing sketches, talking about the show, signing stuff and generally making a mess of things AS WELL AS selling my own books, and shirts and commissioned sketches (that last one will only be when time allows, since their line is usually wrapped around the corner).

Come visit us at Booth 2247. I’ll have a Sharpie in hand and stick figure dick jokes on my mind.

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James · 88 weeks ago

“The difference between you and me is, I make this look good”
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podmaker · 87 weeks ago

I reserve the gorilla suit for weddings only.
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Fletcher · 86 weeks ago

Is there a specific reason he looks like the Evil Fox Exec? Is all this “continuity” just a set up for the greatest Evil Fox Exec comic ever? HOW FAR DOWN DOES THE RABBIT HOLE GO JOEL????

1 reply · active 86 weeks ago

Actually the Evil Fox Exec was made to look like an older, more evil version of Joel. Sort of like polar opposites, or two sides of the same argument.
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Wayne · 84 weeks ago

What I am more interested in knowing is, how does your wife feel about the beard? I’ve been active duty for almost 7 years now and wish I had the opportunity to grow my Ginger beard. Do you hide things in there? Snacks? Tools? Is it a Go Go Gadget Beer Beard? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS!

NYCC 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 3

Part 3 of 3.

INSIDE JOKES THAT YOU DON’T GET! It is during the times when you’ve been awake for 68 of the last 72 hours that you must cling to things like “Glove Hats” to keep a tenuous grasp on your sanity… on your humanity. This is when all that stands between you and sleep deprivation induced madness is the constant reminder that you share a pointless joke with other people. That there even ARE other people. That you aren’t completely alone in the universe with nothing to keep you company but your dwindling cognitive state. “Glove Hats” was the only thing grounding me to reality despite 4 sleepless nights, 4 days of constantly being “on,” dehydration, exhaustion and at least 4 other -tions that you really don’t want piled all on top of each other at the same time. Thank you, “Glove Hats.” You saved me.

“George Hurt You” shirts are in the store!!!

Show Us On The Trilogy Where George Hurt You - funny star wars t-shirt, george lucas shirt, star wars parody

This comic stars Jennie, KrisRob, Matt and Dave of Cyanide and Happiness as well as Becky and Frank of Tiny Kitten Teeth. On the last day of NYCC I went around to everyone’s table and said, “Guys! I have the best idea! We’re going to get some beers, order some pizzas, stay in and go absolutely NOWHERE and do absolutely NOTHING tonight!” Upon hearing this revelation, most smiled as if I have just given them irrefutable proof that there was indeed a God and he loved them very much. Like a soothing calm washed over them and took away their fears. Some openly wept, overwhelmed with the knowing that there was a world where people could sit and talk and have fun without crawling from bar to bar, subway to cab, and without trudging mile after mile of a city that seemed to oppose their very existence. It was a fantastic end to a wonderful weekend.

Thanks to FB Kyle Corwin for the photo used in panel 1.

COMMENTERS: Have you ever shared an inside joke that you repeated so much that the words themselves started to lose all meaning? Something where you can utter two words to the right person and they involuntarily snort or choke to death on their beverage? Really? You murdered someone with humor? You monster. Feel free to confess your crimes in the comments.

NYCC 2011 Fancy Photo Comic Part 2

“George Hurt You” shirts are in the store!!!

Show Us On The Trilogy Where George Hurt You - funny star wars t-shirt, george lucas shirt, star wars parody

Part 2 of 3.

This is where the weekend started to get drinky. During the 4 day convention I honestly got 8 hours of sleep. I’ve thought a lot about how I am able to go so hard and so fast for so long (heh heh) with so little rest, and the only conclusion I’ve drawn is that I (well, we) enter into survivial mode. Our brains know that we can’t stop going going going, so they tell our brains that if we stop we will die (when the opposite is likely closer to the truth). The other factor in this perpetual delirium equation is that many of my best friends and most favorite people are those I only see 3 or 4 times a year. When we all gather in an unfamiliar city, I think we try to cram months of living into mere nights. Sure, we could sleep, but those are precious hours I could be spending making memories (all be it hazy ones) with wonderful friends. Doesn’t the military have some sort of “no sleep, but your body doesn’t freak out and your brain still works” pill for Navy Seals or something? Why am I paying taxes if I can’t have access top secret, experimental brain drugs?

This comic stars Lar, Sohmer, and Becker of Blind Ferret,  and Jennie, Kris and Dave of Cyanide and Happiness and takes place in a NY pub called The Blarney Stone. Earlier in that very establishment, a fan puked on Zach Weiner of SMBC. Had I been there, rest assured this would be a 4 part photo comic.

COMMENTERS: This evening started as a pub crawl with SMBC and Cyanide and Happiness fans. Have you ever partied with a creative type or celebrity that you really looked up to? Did your opinion change after meeting them? I had drinks with Jonathan Frakes once, and he was an absolute delight.