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All I know is that if you say, “Siri, call me Butt Commander,” it will reply thusly, “From now on, I’ll call you Butt Commander. Ok?” That alone is worth the price of entry.

COMMENTERS: Those of you with the iPhone 4s, are you actually using Siri? Is it a novelty or the beginning of our transition into a Star Trek reality. What would you like to see Siri evolve into (what functionality would you like to see added to the platform?) Have you gotten any surprising answers to your Siri-queries? When we were in New York this weekend, my friend Rob told Siri, “I want to see some boobs,” to which she replied, “Ok, there are 17 strip clubs in your area.”

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  1. I've only used Siri for *basic* functions like calling my dad (Siri knows "Call dad" means "Dial [dad's name] on Mobile", which is cool), and setting reminders for myself for things I need to do the next morning at work (though, Siri thinks when I say 'rerun' I am trying to say 'read run').

    I haven't tried any of the funny or crazy things to say to it, but I also don't see myself using it that often (at least, not at work – at home, sure).

  2. I use it all the time now… it's great for making appointments and sending a quick text while driving… no typing or looking needed.

    I'd looking forward to Siri being able to take other actions… like book a reservation at the place she found… or buy the movie tickets she's found the show for.

  3. I use it occasionally while driving, and it really is handy in that situation. Not so much for voice activated dialing (the car's hands-free system was already handling that) but for making reminders, sending texts, etc (I set up a meeting on the way home today). I doubt I'd use it in a situation when my hands were free, though – it's kinda distracting and slower than just controlling the thing with your fingers.

  4. Wow, I'm shocked by some of the things they programed into Siri. It actually helps find strip clubs if you mention boobs, lists/suggests escort services if you say "horny", and guides you to head shops if you mention pot.

    This from the company that refused to let an ebook app into their app store just because it was POTENTIALLY capable of downloading the TEXT of the kama sutra.
    Apple has generally had an anti-adult content stance for some time, I believe Steve Jobs even made the statement along the lines that; that's not what their devices are for, and if you really want that content you can just use some other device..
    Now Siri will lead you straight to stripers, escorts, and head shops. Progress?

  5. Kinda makes me wish I had an iPhone now.

    Quick, someone tell Siri "I need a doctor!" and see if it asks "What is the nature of the medical emergency?" to help it pick the kind of doctor!

  6. I'm still figuring it out, but I do use it quite a lot and think it is great for txting and directions. The reminders are cool but I will probably forget about the feature eventually…

    • I'm totally with you. The commercials for it make me think "Oh, so NO human interaction is needed AT ALL? Isn't that lovely…"

      Siri – locate Sarah Connor.

  7. How long will it be until someone puts together a software/hardware package so that you can mount your iPhone 4S into a realdoll, and have it talk back to you. The future is an amazing, and also somewhat creepy place.

  8. As a first time iPhone user, it's been interesting, and I didn't actually get to Siri until a few days in.

    Honestly, calling pretty much anyone in my phone book is a huge time-saver, and I have found the text dictation to be helpful in the car when I'm, say, running late to a gig or something, a huge boon.

    I've also used the location feature a few times to find places to eat.

    I think the big jump for Siri-type applications for the future is going to be making it self-contained (ie work without a data connection), or work from some hub in your house (if we are talking Star Trek like).

    I think the thing is, so many of us are so fluent with the keyboard interface of computers, it's really a wash on timing between a voice search and a keyboard search at this point. I think the voice search has advantages in certain situations where you'd have to parse a lot of text to find what you were looking for. Overall, I think it's a great feature, and definitely works, as opposed to all the other voice command stuff I have ever tried, all of which sucked (except dragon dictation, that was good).

  9. So now hipsters will actually speak at parties, just not to you. I foresee Siri being the ultimate passive-aggresive partner.

    Me: "Oh hey, dude. How's it going?"
    Hipster: "Siri, tell me how to get rid of this douche." *snaps a picture of me*
    Siri: "Analysis indicates subject is susceptable to comments about a lackluster sexual performance 3 weeks ago. Would you like me to announce the details? Also, there are five gynecologists in the area."

  10. Skynet, The Star Trek Computer, Gay Deceiver and the rest of Heinlein's computers, sure, possible, but with all her access to our most personal information, doesn't anyone see the danger of Siri turning in to GLaDOS?

  11. My sister was showing me SIRI's ability to find food. Her interaction with her phone went as follows:

    Sis: I'm hungry.
    SIRI: I have found 23 restaurants in the area. 19 are very close to you.
    Sis: Chinese?
    SIRI: There are 15 Chinese restaurants in the area. 10 are very close to you.
    Sis: I love you. bitch.
    SIRI: ……….Noted.

    A.I. with a sense of sarcastic-sounding humor! Next thing you know we'll have the neurotic ones like C3PO and Marvin running (or rather shuffling) around.

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