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HijiNKS ENSUE just turned 8 years old!
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Also HijiNKS ENSUE has moved to a once a week update schedule and is ending in 2016 is on hiatus while I work on how and when to end it properly.
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ALSO ALSO I am launching a new comic on JUNE 1st!!! Stay tuned for info and a link. 

Also also also, I am going to be at Phoenix Comicon as part of Cyanide & Happiness this weekend. Details HERE.


This is mostly a transcript of a real conversation. I got SO EXCITED when we came up with “Hermione Danger,” but Emily’s league has rules against duplicate names even if the other person is 40 states away. I also have to confess that our daughter came up with “J.K. Rolling” after I suggested “J.K. Brawling.” Kiddo plans to start in a kids derby league this summer. They don’t really get to bought. They just learn the rules, the skating and practice eternally until they’re 11 years old (the legal age for smashing into people on roller skates). There’s a guy in Emily’s league whose name is “Problems” and he’s number 99. That’s pretty clever.

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  1. I figured that if two roller derby players with the same derby name met, they would simply fight to the death. The internet really is runing everything.

  2. Don't limit yourselves to one writer—Brust: Sethra Explode…Moon: Paksenarrion Slashnslaughter…Weber: Donar Harrington…Martin: The Great and Powerful BodyChecker.

  3. If there's a guy named "Problems" with the number 99, then I'm hoping that whoever gets the number 1 crosses the number out and calls themself "The Bitch".

  4. How about names based on real people?

    Princess Die
    Nikki Triage
    Kim Killdashian
    Margaret Thrasher
    Calamity Pain
    Sigorney Reaper
    Smashley Judd

  5. I think I just officially crossed the barrier into Old. It took me a good ten seconds to realize that the #99 "Problems" thing wasn't an obscure Gretzky reference I was failing to grok.

  6. Does the name have to be based on a Harry Potter character? Or a woman? The first name that came to my warped little mind was this:

    Killbo Baggins!
    Another one:

  7. I remember when one of my friends finally started derby-ing (that's totally a reall word, right?) in Austin and the Facebook posts for weeks and weeks went back and forth between I don't know how many people trying to come up with a name for her (she ended up as Bessie Mae Mucho).

    • That is a great name! My friend started doing roller derby as Battle E. Portman, which made me realize that I can't join roller derby because I'm bad at puns.

    • "Ripper Song " was one of her original choices. I can't remember if it was taken or if she just gave up on it.

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