Roll Right! Roll Call!

IMPORTANT REMINDER! HijiNKS ENSUE just turned 8 years old!
(*COUGH! COUGH! Obligatory links to Patreon, donation page and wishlist *COUGH!)

Also HijiNKS ENSUE has moved to a once a week update schedule and is ending in 2016 is on hiatus while I work on how and when to best end it. Read more about the end of HijiNKS ENSUE and the super exciting new comic project I am starting in June HERE.

HijiNKS ENSUE has always been about real life me finding MY thing. In the HE CLASSIC days, the thing I found was the comic I was making. When HE shifted to semi-autobio territory, the comic (which itself was still MY thing) became about the comic version of me finding HIS thing. Makes sense? No? Did I use the word “thing” so many times that it no longer holds meaning and now your brain just registers it as a guttural, primal animal sound? Cool.

Last year, my wife (who was already a full time mother, and running two successful side businesses) decided to find HER thing. It turned out her thing was smashing into other ladies while on roller skates. Almost 9 months of practice, trials, tests and scrimmages later, she was drafted to a team and will soon start officially smashing into other ladies on roller skates in an organized and uniformed fashion. I’m very proud of how hard she’s worked, and happy for her that she found a thing that is all her own. Expect about 4-5 comics concerning her derby adventures.

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  1. Ooh hey, first! All right! 😀

    I'm hoping for at least a cameo appearance from the ladies in Danielle Corsetto's roller derby teams. I fully expect Dave Willis's roller derby ladies will make an appearance too.

    I bet they are all in the same league, haha. It will be awesome.

    ETA: That's weird: IntenseDebate logged me out. Wish I could remember my login credentials; can't be bothered to do a password reset right now.

    • Also "Eat My Lipstick," which already had the "Corsetto Crossover" (which sounds like a derby move).

    • Don't expect a crossover since I'm mentioning that we're in texas and I know David's characters are decidedly not in Texas.

      • And I believe Girls with Slingshots is in Connecticut? Northeast anyhow, so also not Texas. Something Positive is partly in Texas, but I don't remember any roller-derby girls in it. (It also had crossovers with GWS though, so it's in the extended universe.)

        But – don't roller derby teams play against teams from other states sometimes? I don't know enough about the sport – maybe if they're good enough to go to nationals or something…

        • There's a traveling team in my wife's league that plays other TX teams, but they wouldn't leave the state unless they were some sort of state champions and were able to go on to a larger interstate competition. Im not even sure if that's a thing. Plus, with only 50 or so comics remaining, I can't spend that much time dedicated to a year long derby storyline.

          • "Plus, with only 50 or so comics remaining, "
            What? You too? Thats a bummer. Well , thanks for the best years of your life.

            *EDIT* I thought I was mostly making a joke about misconstruing, what you were saying.
            I guess not, looks like the joke is on me. I will still follow you into the new comic.
            But I hope it inspires you to re-establish this one, part time.

          • Fair enough! 😀 Still, it's cool to think they all met up at, like, a roller-derby con somewhere.

            Those are a thing, right?

          • National – actually international – roller derby competition is totally a thing! The Women's Flat Track Derby Association ( has over 400 participating leagues worldwide; last year's Championships in Nashville, TN in November featured teams from England, Australia, Germany and Canada along with teams from all over the states. (New York's Gotham Girls Roller Derby took the top title with a hard-fought win over Portland OR's Rose City Rollers.) Participation at the divisional and championship level is based on rankings, not intrastate competition. I am a referee affiliated with the both Charm City Roller Girls (currently ranked #15 on the world) and Harm City Men's Derby (both of Baltimore, MD) and through travel with my teams or working at tournaments I've now reffed in 11 states, and look forward to officiating outside the US for the first time this summer when I travel to Montreal with my team.

            TL; DR – the sky's the limit, with roller derby, just depends how far your wife wants to take it. Glad she's found her thing and thanks for featuring it in the comic!

  2. Is this a thing now? #webartistswiveslovederby

    For a second I thought I was over at GU since Woody's wife also does derby!

    • I haven't heard of that comic, but my wife, I think, started with a renewed love of skating and derby was sort of a natural extension of that.

      • That's cool. =)

        Never heard of GU comics? Been following him for 15 years now, but originally being an Everquest, then a general games-type webcomic, I guess it's not quite the same type of content as The Experiment =)

  3. I saw that your wife was doing this via your Instagram and good while ago and was wondering if you'd ever put it into a comic

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