1. ASS to ASS lego … wow that is phenomenal.

    That part of the movie always made me wonder, why why why would you pay to see two women do that? and just where do those weird parties happen? Where shady men roll around in cigars and money and pay whores to ASS to ASS,

    I also wonder if after the movie, did ASS to ASS become a popular request in such parties? Did it start an ASS to ASS trend?

    I think too much. 😀

  2. @Lucas
    Genocide has lots of shades of grey.

    Ive seen the A2A Lego brick. You have to special order it.

    Glad you liked it! Thanks for letting me know.


    Im sure the demand for A2A at clandestine skank parties skyrocketed after that movie. I never would have even thought to try it. Now its every Thursday like clockwork.

  3. @Shadow
    It’s not a common request at parties I go to**, but my wife and I say it in that raspy voice for comic effect in any number of situations.

    As far as the Ass-to-Ass lego piece, it’s that long red one you can also use as the antenna or gun on the spaceship legos.

    **Ok, I don’t go to parties. Sorry for the deception. I’m holding out until they bring “Key Parties” back.

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