Just Look At Those Sideburns

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The comic based on a running gag that Eli and I have about how Benicio Del Toro has to be completely shaven and made up in prosthesis to NOT look like a werewolf. I know that doesn’t really make sense, but it’s been making me laugh lately. Also the chance to draw “Three Benicio Moon” was too good to pass up.

Whether he looks like a wolfman or not, he CERTAINLY doesn’t look like Moe Howard. How are they going to pull that off?

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  1. I love Eli's expression in the last panel. Actually all three panels, but especially that last one. "Come on, man! The crops! They need restoring! …Don't give me that—of course it makes sense."

    Keep up the good work, Mr. Joel.

  2. Best lines: "Right. Bull of the Wolf."
    "…'Wolf Sucker', if it means anything. Which it doesn't." Love "moron train"! Did Eli officially switch places with Josh as crazy guy now?

    • Au Contraire fellow, Joels skill with facial manipulation is increasing with every pencil stroke. The "Aaaeeeei-Senora-the-bandits-have-raided-our-village" expression on panel 3 is worth 3 panel 1's

  3. Jim Carey as Curly? No. Christopher Lloyd!
    While I have never seen Mr. Del Toro's work, IMDB does tell me he played Duke the Dog-Faced Boy in Big Top Pee-wee, so maybe he has a comedic side?

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