…And Leave A Beautiful Corpse

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Regardless, two years later Josh’s dick glows red, falls off and he floats up through the ceiling while everyone below cheers.

Today was really Josh’s birthday, he’s really 28 and he’s really super gay so feel free to assume everything else in this comic is 100% factual.

I can’t take full credit for the writing, though, since the idea came from a post Josh made on his blog and a comment on said post from FB Sultmhoor. You can see their previous “collaboration” HERE.

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    • I would also have accepted "the crystal meth/poppers in your nightstand" or "house/Cher/Brittney/Lady Gaga music on your IPod" turning red…but this is geekery here, goshdurnit!

    • I think there's a "Logan's Run" Shout-out in a Simpson's episode where Homer thinks he's going to die soon, so the family goes down to Florida, during Spring Break.

      • Oh also, there was a "Logan's Run" cuttaway-gag on Family Guy, as a dream Brian had. Best line:"Hey, what about that guy? He's gotta be 50 by now!" [points to Snoopy]

    • I was reminded of the Kids In The Hall skit where Brian Kinney, I think, had glowing light coming out of his pants because of his skills with pleasing the ladies.
      This is the more amusing gay version…be glad all you straight people are allowed to call yourselves "old" once your turn 40 or 50, or AARP age, whatever that is.

  1. Logan's Run is the wrong metaphor. It's more like Stargate:SG1… at each decade mark, us gays ascend to a new plane of existence. At least that's what happened to me at 30 (circuit boy), 40 (bear) and 50 (daddybear). Up ahead? I dunno… but wait, there's something vaguely carousel-shaped in the distance…

  2. 28?? Hah! I'm 33 and a woman! If I were an actress, I'd be considering suicide or $100,000 worth of surgery right about now.

    I'm jealous of your -5 years. Take your glowing junk and go have some fun.

  3. The nice thing about being a bear (if that's what Josh is), is that 30 isn't considered too old at all. Even 50 isn't too old!

  4. I just love Josh! He's cute and a just a little bit of gross, that make him just perfect adorable CAREbear lol x)
    Happy B-Day Josh!

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