Josh Smash!

I’ve spent the last 3 days or so working non stop on “The Vault of Secret Awesome.” At one point today I said, “wait… I actually have to make the comics or there won’t be any comics.” Let me tell you, this job would be easy if it weren’t for all the comics. I could just sit back and collect delicious internet monies. So delicious.

This comic is as close as I can get to talking about “The Incredible Hulk” since I haven’t seen it yet. Granted, that has never stopped me before, but I actually plan to see this one. Eli says it’s pretty good. Regarding Josh’s pigmentation,  I suppose the hyper-gravy-ation turns the skin green. Why not?

In real life Josh has an “in” with a Popeye’s chicken employee that owe’s him a life debt. Much like Angel and his butcher friend, Josh sneaks in the back of the restaurant and Hector loads him up with life giving gravy… and probably some pig’s blood too.

My comment challenge to you: what else might one order off the menu at “Cluck-U-Chicken“?

(Thanks for your patience with the late comics and such while I’m getting the foundation poured for this webcomic empire. Your comments and emails of support are extremely helpful.)

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  1. I really don't know just WHY they are so good. It's just biscuit + chicken = amaxing

    No, that's not a typo. The Chick-Fil-A chicken biscuit is so good, it needs new words to describe it. Amazing to the max. Amaxing.

  2. Just remember to get some Clucking Eggs with your breakfast combo. I suggest scrambled "Cluster Cluck" style. They are un-clucking-believable.

    Personally I also think a good Cock Sucker vanilla pudding pop after my meal is egg-clucking-zactly what is needed after a every clucking meal with the whole clucking family.

  3. Sexy Green Josh FTW!

    Since there are Orion slave girls on Trek, there must be green slave boys, too, right? "They're like animals. Vicious. Seductive. They say no human male can resist them." Yowza!

  4. The Hulk was indeed awesome. Not quite Ironman awesome, but considering what they had to work with, very awesome indeed. They get bonus points for the homages they paid both to the comic and the TV series at various points in the movie. Also, they are totally setting up for an Avengers movie which makes me both happy and very scared at the same time. Happy because it would be cool to see all of them together, but scared because it would mean a movie version of Captain America, who I'm pretty sure it's impossible to make a good version of. Then again I could be wrong, I didn't expect the hulk to be nearly as good as it was.

  5. I'd turn green too if I ate 5 gallons of gravy. But then again, if I were the Cluck-U-Chicken employee and some asked me for 5 gal of gravy I'd tell them to… cluck off and die!

  6. I'll take a Cock and Balls Basket, please. I'll take some white gravy for the chicken, and make sure the hush puppies are extra salty and greasy so they explode in my mouth. Yum!

  7. So for a slogan there's the variation on the Kentucky Freud Chicken joke 'It's mother-clucking good.' For a more refined (or a "the rest of Europe stole all our clucking-hens, and now we gotta eat this clucking-coq") palate "Cluq au vin."

    Personally, I recommend the "Clucking Free-Range Certified Organic Virgin (read: unclucked) Breast of Hen braised in our very own home made demi-glace." With a side of vegan tears.

  8. Strangely enough (not sure if this inspired the comic or not) But there really is a place around here (DC Metro area) called Cluck-U Chicken. They make some of the best wings around (Even some that are so spicy they make you sign a waiver before they let you have them)

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