It’s Japanese For “I Sing Better When I’m Drunk”

I’ve heard the same said about driving.

We had a Karaoke party on Saturday for my wife’s birthday. Denise posted the pics here. Most of what you see in the comic actually happened, though the people may have been jumbled around a bit (and a few were left out due to “more people = more drawing” math.

Introductions: The bespectacled fellow in panel 1 is Justin (from Podcast 17ish?) whom I’ve known since we were 6. Panel 3 features Mikey (Josh’s old room mate and writer of the “Brother’s in Arms” games). The guy winning the beard contest in panel 4 is Rick (a coworker of Josh and Eli’s who is, sadly, moving away soon. It was only fitting to memorialize his time in Texas with a comic). And finally in panel 4 you have Jen gently caressing/bad touching Josh. When those two get together you would almost think Josh was straight or Jen was a gay man.

High point of the night was Josh singing “Bare Necessities” from the Jungle Book and realizing the unfortunate homonym in the title. Emphasis on HOMOnym.

The very same Justin in panels 1 and 4 is relaunching his podcast, Gentlenews Live!, tonight at 8:31pm central. Go HERE at that time to watch the live video feed and join in on the chat.

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  1. Vadar?

    Also, I love how the main cast looks so cartoony next to Jen, Justin, and others.

    edit: Also, all we know of these people is cursory knowledge picked up from podcasts.

    Jen apparently invented masturbation (god bless) and drunkenly asks why Joel doesn't work at Gearbox.

  2. I'm torn. I'm glad Mikey was recognized as a star of the show, 'cuz he did a hell of a job… But I'm almost wishing it was my Aladdin duet with Josh that was immortalized rather than the Weird Al song we both screwed up a few verses of.

    Great party, despite the lack of cowbell.

  3. I knew if I just waited long enough, and wished hard enough, I would one day make it into this comic.
    Also –
    Holy shit did you nail rick's likeness! – that's creepy.

  4. *sadz*…. i've never had a karaoke par-tay… might have to try one sometime… maybe when Lips comes out? I guess the closest i've come is either having a sing-along during rockband with all of my buddies or booing somebody from across the room at a restaurant I was trying to eat at…

  5. Oh, and when St. Carlin shows up with his phone booth, we must go back to to 1998 and tell Bubba Jo' and Bubba Dussin that in 10 years D would be at J's house drinking wine and singing Tool songs. Just to see the hilarious protestations that would surely arise.

  6. Panel 2 = best kind of karaoke.
    Also panel 3 = hilarious, Josh's eyes are so full of yearning they're popping out of his head.

  7. I have multiple levels of cartoonation. The main cast are extremely watered down feature-wise, but when I draw other people i know I tend to try and make it look more like them. At this point josh looks basically nothing like his cartoon counter part.

  8. Panel 1: When I do "American Pie" at a karaoke bar, I always start with "A long long time ago, in a galaxy far away…" then continue the song as normal.

    Panel 3: until I read the comments, I just assumed that Lance Bass was making a guest appearance. Though I hope Josh has better taste than that.

  9. I just assumed that since you have drawn the main cast so much they have evolved into caricatures and guest stars basically need to look more "realistic".

  10. the last panel reminded me of the Venture Bros where Sgt. Hatred inadvertently shrinks his own tongue, giving himself a baby tongue, lol.

  11. I have actually done Weird Al's "The Saga Begins" at a karaoke bar – I didn't realise the place was full of Don McLean fans and I almost got lynched.

    Quite scary but somewhat worth it…

  12. I could so do a Wierd Al themed karaoke party. Personally though, I'd lean more towards some of his older stuff… and if I was feeling sadistic a few of his polkas (nothing like doing 18 songs in all of 2 minutes). To this day there are a number of songs that I can't hear without hearing the Wierd Al versions, and similarly a few of them that I can't hear without picturing some AMVs (the AMV that was part of AMV Hell 3 with all the Rei's set to "I think I'm a clone now" is one of them).

  13. Panel 4? Yeah, my friends and I did that all last summer in the car. Six or seven of us, sitting in each other's laps, the windows rolled all the way down and the stereo all the way up. We got weird looks at stoplights, but occasionally we caught other people singing along!

  14. I'm trying to think of a way to make that phrase more bear-like and perverse:

    More fur for the purr? No… More hair for the pair? Maybe… More gruff for the fluff? Yuck… I don't like this game anymore…

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