The Fundamentals of the Comic are Strong

Of course, by that I mean the Macbook Pro and the Wacom Cintiq tablet I use to create the comic are functioning well within their operating parameters. What did you think I meant?

If you’re feeling presidential you might as well drape yourself in one of these lovely Laura Roslin For President shirts:

It would certainly help alleviate my imminent financial meltdown. If American can’t win, it might as well be me? Right?

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  1. I think a Bialystock/Josh crossover joke would be funnier, where he has to run around New York shtuping every old man he can find to raise money to keep the show afloat. Then work in something with Eli and the Siegfried Oath and your on the funny. .

  2. It took me a second (I missed his speech the first time around…), but the Roslin shirt, oddly enough, helped the lightbulb in my idea machine* turn on.


  3. First, I can't post using my ID account because the OpenID login is timing out (looks like a problem on the ID side of things)..

    Second, this is slightly off topic here, but I was just struck by the thought of what would happen if instead of giving these mega-corps a $700 billion bailout the government instead divided that same $700 billion among everyone in the country…

    Nevermind, just did the math, and it comes out to something like $3500 per person (if you exclude children, if children get a cut to it shrinks to $2000 a person). Too bad, it was an interesting idea while it lasted.

  4. And there you have both the beauty of why taxation allows the government to accomplish such monumental tasks, and the irritation of why taxes keep creeping up. Honestly every congresscritter in DC wants to cut taxes, but they can never quite work up the poltical will to decide which gigadollar project they'll cut to put $20 back in each pocket.

  5. Love it, Joel! I've been trying to bleach the vision of Palin flailing around in the last interview from my mind ("Someone just put her out of her misery, would you? I've got a plane and a rifle around here somewhere, I think…"), and then I read this. Thank you for helping to put my brain back in it's happy place for awhile.

  6. A few unfortunate incidents where I wasn't fast enough on the TiVo button to skip the commercial, I'm mostly untainted by this new Knight Rider. I know the new car is a big old fuel burning Mustang (though, I imagine he's powered by, like, the blood of the babies of Democrats or something in the show, high octane ratings and all). I just have to wonder what guise KARR will show up in? My money is on a Prius. See, we told you, hybrids are smug and evil!

  7. The thing that blows my mind about people that think "LOWER TAXES LOWER TAXES!!!" is that when you bring up socialized medicine they say "yeah but those countries pay nearly %50 income tax." Well thats great but medical insurance for my family would cost $400 a month (and did the last time we had insurance). I was making $55K, paying about 25% income tax (about $14k) and another $5000 for insurance. so $19K out of $55K, not to mention social security and medicaid. Call it what you will, but we are already paying close to %50 of our income for the LESS service and lower quality medical care than other nations.

    I would be fine paying the taxes I pay if I had any ability to control what they were spent on (and NO voting does not give me that control). Would we need $700 billion to bail out the banks if we hadnt spent it on the war?

  8. Preach it, brotha. I would be absolutely willing to pay MORE taxes if I could more directly control what they were spent on. The current system is old and flawed – it needs to be reinvented. I think greater control of tax flow by the tax payer is the right way to go. There can be different plans for different kinds of people – for example, an "all-around" tax plan, an "education" plan, a "business" plan, etc.

  9. I gotta say, ever since they announced the candidacy of Sarah Palin, I've not worn my stupendirificuloustastic Roslin '08 t-shirt (did get to try it on before, though – nice product)… it's just too weird now. Well, that plus the fact that it was stuck in Canada for a while cuz some douche took the wrong bag off the bus, but that's beside the point.

    Anyway, nicely done on the comic. Love the reference(s), and good job on the style.

    And no, the new Knight Rider is not going to be in my queue for some time… ever, perhaps.

  10. Don't worry, it will get worn again – but your fury at Palin remains righteous regardless. In all honesty, the not-so-much-wearing of the shirt is not entirely her fault – it is probably nearly as much due to the fact that I'm a t-shirt junkie and have too many others to wear (the wife told me I was forbidden from buying more shirts at least a week before our vacation was over – oh, the pain!)… aaand I haven't quite unpacked yet, as we only got back about a week and a half ago, so it's still nestled safely in the bosom of a suitcase.

    I'll be wearing it for the election, reminding myself that I would be voting for *Roslin*, and not her more terrifying real-life counterpart. Not that it matters, since I can't vote there anyway.

  11. I have thought of making Springtime for Hitler my ringtone but thought anyone that isn't a Mel Brooks fan would crucify me.

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