Hola, me llamo Manuel Labor

This comic happened because of this IM:

12:39:53 PM Josh: i won a mountain bike
12:40:00 PM Josh: you should come over today and help me put it together
12:40:08 PM Joel: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah
12:40:14 PM Joel: yeah
12:40:14 PM Joel: no
12:40:24 PM Josh: it was worth a shot
12:41:41 PM Joel: i suppose it will be easier to ignore after its put together

That was good. I needed to laugh. It’s cathartic. Cleansing.

Saturday night me, Wife, Josh and Eli went to a Zach Galifianakis show here in Dallas. If you aren’t familiar with Zach “Chad Farthouse” Galifianakis, check out the TubeYous and enjoy. He is a truly fantastic performer. He has sort of an Andy Kaufman quality in that he really doesn’t give a shit if you like him while he’s on stage. Anyone who’s a fan of watching people writhe in an uncomfortable situation will enjoy his comedy. Any one interested should pick up Zach’s new DVD, which is selling like the opposite of hot cakes, and The Comedians of Comedy, which also features Patton Oswalt, Brian Posehn and Maria Bamford.

At one point he came out into the audience and accosted Eli (no shit) for being a trendy skater punk. I assume the jeans and beanie were enough to get him labeled as such. Eli froze when Zach put his foot up on Eli’s knee and his balls in Eli’s face. It was a Christmas miracle.



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  1. Note:
    i am the skater punk yet i’m older than all you fucks. it was nice to have a pair of balls in my face again though after a week of sickness

  2. Ok, I’m sorry, were his balls magical, or was the feat of having them in Eli’s face magical? I get so confused talking about balls.

  3. @AJ
    #1 Where is YOUR comic?
    #2 If Josh was the Kenny that means he would have to die. I really dont think Ive given the impression that he’s being killed. You can survive a skull-bashing MUCH worse than that.

    Maybe you got his balls sick. So the next guy that gets a face full of Zach-Sack (sach?) will get your illness.

    @Josh and Jeff
    I think we’re in agreement that the ACT was magical, though I will not dispute anyone that calls attention to Zach’s splendid balls.

  4. This reminds me of the time I went two hours away to help my friend move across town. Only to find out it was from one town to another, yet an additional two hours away. And, he hadn’t finished packing when we got there, so my wife and I had to help him pack in addition to moving.

    As for ZG, he rocks. My favorite thing of his is the comedian from the 1770’s, which includes this gem:
    He taps the mic and says: “Is this thing on? Is this thing on? Wait, what is this thing?”

    Related, when my wife is ignoring me, I tap on my throat and say “Is this thing on?” Yeah. I crack myself up.

  5. @honest ape
    His characters are fantastic. I really enjoyed “The Pretentious Illiterate” (borrows glasses from an audience member, then takes them off and smugly says “I can’t read.”

  6. Hey, now that I’m a regular reader, where’s the fucking blank comic templates? Scared of my massive skills? Aw, who’m I kidding? I gots no skills. Especially not the skills that pay the bills.

  7. Ah, fuck me. I forgot you mentioned the damn comedians of comedy in your post. This is what happens when your skull gets hit by a 300 pound hunk of metal. The memory, it not so good and sometimes me not talk so hot.

  8. @ honest ape
    I have no idea what you guys are talking about. I just checked and everything is perfect. What a couple of weirdos.

  9. Four years later, and no one has ever noted the spelling of "excercise"?

    Just found your comic by way of "Fighting Time Lords" and I'm reading it from the start. Absolutely brilliant, both from a geek standpoint and from finding the perfect medium by which to bust your friends' balls.

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