San Diego Comic-Con Fancy Photo-Comic Pt. 1

[Thanks to Amy Berg, Aaron DouglasCristi Jacques, Ryan North and Tommy Wiseau for unwittingly appearing in this comic. If any of you don’t like it, please email and I will remove your image.]

My first San Diego Comic-Con has come and gone and I live to tell the tale. I don’t want to just list everything that happened in chronological order (since I am still decompressing and processing the longest convention of my life), but I would like to relate a few highlights.

SDCC Protest Print

I have a few of the SDCC exclusive “Protest” prints
[based on this comic] left over from the con.

If you want one, order a comic print from the store
and put “SDCC Protest Print” in the notes.

Also make sure to let me know what you want written in the blank sign.

The week pretty much started with w00tstock SDCC. I went on sort of a last minute whim only expecting to have a reasonable amount of fun and I left with a refreshed perspective on why it is I do what I do. Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage, Paul and Storm and their MANY scheduled and surprise guests certainly delivered in the entertainment department but what made that night special, made it unique was the palpable sense of “I am home.” I don’t often feel at ease on the road. I rarely sleep at all when I am away from my own bed and I usually feel displaced from reality until I return to my typical surroundings. w00tstock instantly replaced that unease with a sense of belonging and community. The weirdest part is that we (the audience) weren’t even interacting with each other directly. But we were REacting in the same manor to the same geeky stimuli. Each joke, each reference, each touching story were met with comunal LOLs, smirks and tears. I remembered why I make this silly comic. I make it for these people. These were my people. These were my friends. In our collective choice to be weird, we chose to belong. That may sound sappy but it was real. I felt it and I know you (if you were there) felt it too. I was particularly grateful that I got a chance to tell Wil how much that night meant to me when he came by the Topatoco booth a couple of days later. For a much more complete list of of the amazing, unexpected and special things that happened at w00tstock SDCC please see the write ups from Wheaton and Paul and Storm. Also listen to Paul and Storm’s heartbreaking podcast about how Joss Whedon was accidentally turned away at the door.

I am also grateful that during w00tstock I was able to finally meet long time Fancy Bastard and TV writer/producer extraordinary Amy Berg [pictured above with me and Chief]. Amy was a writer and producer on Leverage (still one of my favorite hours on TV) and is now a writer/EP on the geektacular Eureka. I tend to ramble when I’m excited so between w00tstock, meeting Amy, Amy introducing me to Eureka creator Jamie Paglia and Mythbuster Grant Imahara I was probably talking… err, spewing nonsense from my face-hole like a ruptured pipeline. Amy invited me to the Eureka screening the next night (Which was fantastic btw. Watch it.) and for the first time in my life I was able to watch a television show, get up from my chair and immediately walk over to the guest star (Wil Wheaton) and tell him “good job.” I’m sure that’s an every day occurrence for some, but for me it was truly special. Amy came by the booth on the final day of SDCC and I loaded her down with HE swag. She is a joy to be around and a prime example of living the pro-geek life to the fullest.

Thanks to my buddies from Cyanide and Happiness I was one of the first people in the world to see The House That Drips Blood On Alex, a short film starring The Room director, Tommy Wiseau. I will not be able to use human language to properly describe the levels on which this experience affected me so please feel free to assume that you should take whatever emotions or impact I am able to convey and multiply it by infinity. Room fans will be please to know that THTDBoA (though only 20 minutes long) was exactly as incomprehensible as it’s predecessor. It will eventually be airing on Comedy Central and you will all get to know the happiness-secrets that it contains. What you will never be able to do, however, is be present for the panel that followed the movie. When I tell you that it was like descending face first into the mouth of madness, understand that I am not exaggerating. If anything I am underplaying the sheer macabre, non sequitur experience of witnessing a (seemingly) ordinary human man display a complete disconnect, nay, disregard for coherent communication. I have NEVER laughed so hard for so long and with such utter confusion in my entire life. Tommy Wiseau will one day return to his home planet or dimension of origin but for now we on Earth are blessed with his ferocious insanity. Some videos from the panel are already on Youtube and I have a few that I need to upload myself. Hopefully the entire thing will be made available soon. It was glorious. I spent the rest of the evening giggling like a child.

[more on SDDC, my Topatoco boothmates and other happenings tomorrow in part 2!]

Did you miss the COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE “Browncoat vs. Red Shirt” SHIRTS?

I designed these shirt for Quantum Mechanix, but they were only available at Comic-con due to licensing issues. If you would like for them to be available online I strongly urge you to email beth[at]quantummechanix[dot]com and let her know just how much you like these shirts. The more positive emails she gets the more ammo she will have to prove to the studios that these shirts should live on. [NO ANGRY EMAILS AT ALL, PLEASE. BETH AND QMX ARE ON OUR SIDE]

Special thanks to JustChristine and JonnyAce for hosting me at SDCC. They are indeed the fanciest of bastards.

Some remix stragglers and the Dinosaur Comics blank

I wasn’t planning on keeping up with the remixes for a while since it was actually taking me about an hour to collect, optimize and post the entries. I really appreciate everyone that participated but I think it’s something more suited for a forum (which I may have someday).

Some super cool dudes submitted remixes for the last few comics and, like a douche, I never got around to posting them. Here they go:

2 OLPC remixes from Honest Ape


Doug Morris remix from Osoman

Google Android remix from Icarus

I showed this one to Eli and Josh and lunch one day and it broke them.

Also, to completely negate what I just said, here is the remix blank for the “Dinosaur Comics” comic. I have a feeling that some of you could do some entirely inappropriate stuff with this one. Send ’em to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.


In this comic Eli’s name is “E-Rex”

Joel’s is “Jomiceiomimus.” Josh’s name is still “Josh.”

“Utah Josh” or “Josh Raptor” just doesn’t sound right.

If you read the comic and you’re all, “Gwah?” proceed immediately to for an explanation.
I’ve said it before, but I REALLY enjoy me some Dinosaur Comics. Thanks to Ryan North for putting up with this.

“Gwah” sounds like how a guy from Boston would say “Gwar.”

“Hey, fellas. Yah wahnna’ go see Gwah? They’re playing at a bah’ near Hahvid Yahd. We can take my cah. Friggin’ sweat.”

Reasons I Love Teh Internets: Vol 1

It is a well documented fact that I love the Internet. You may counter, “Well, if you love it so much, why don’t you marry it?” Two reasons: A) I’m already married, and 2) judging from its proclivity towards pornography one can assume that the Internet is a dude. Not that I wouldn’t marry the Internet if it were a dude. It’s just that it would be illegal in Texas, and I’m not in the mood for a road trip to Massachusetts. Sidenote: “Homophobia” beat out “Racism” and “Fear” as the official “State Feeling of Texas” this year. “Blinding Rage” was a close second.

The point of this comic was simply to point out a few things that make the Intertron a special place for me. I generally gets my LOL Feline fix from I Can Has Cheezeburger. If you aren’t hip to the Cheeze then you need to stop reading this drivel and hop to it. I’m not kidding, you guys. They have pictures of cats with things on them that the cats DO NOT WANT to be on them. It’s hilarious. Hats, furniture, other cats. You name it, they will put it on a cat and take a picture.

What can I say about Tay Zonday. Tay Zonday, some stay dry and others feel the pain. Tay Zonday, a baby born will die before the sin. Tay Zonday, made me cross the street the other day. Tay Zonday, Josh once accused him of inward singing.

Wikipedia is a treasure like none other. Sometimes I want to know things. Some guy already knew those things and wrote about them in Wikipedia. Those things often have to do with Hobbits and Transformers.

(Yes, that’s Utah Raptor from Dinosaur Comics that General Eli is riding. Good eye!)

Finally, Myspace. Myspace is a fucking piece of shit. It is, by far, the worst thing I have ever used for any reason, in any capacity or circumstance. The UI is non-existent and the features are the opposite of features. To call them “features” would be like calling weeping sores a “feature” of herpes. Check out my Myspace!

The “Vol. 1” in the title eludes to some possibility of a follow up. What Internets should I tackle next?

Bonus: You can download a hi-res version of the Wikipedia panel here.