In The Event of a Water Landing…

Ding-Dongs can be used as a flotation device. So can Hurley.  The resulting tsunami actually destroyed The Island.

I assume at least some of you haven’t seen the LOST Season 4 finale, so rest assured this comic doesn’t give anything away. It is merely an alternate (more realistic) course of events that could have taken place in last night’s episode.

For those that have seen it… are you kidding me? You saw everyone looking at the lard-ass-son-ma-bitch. They were all thinking it. Survival of the fittest, motherfuckers.

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Remember, you can’t spell “ARRRGGGHHHH!!!” without ARG.


Apparently this was the 100th HijiNKS Ensue comic (not counting the 2 guest comics).  I’ve considered doing a book of the first 100 comics, then doing the the first full 2 years (all of 2007-08) as a deluxe book when the time comes.

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  1. Being the same size as Hugo, I had to cringe too.

    Logically, though, Sawyer knew that he could make it back to the island, while Hugo couldn't. Plus, reluctant hero Sawyer = badass. I'm straight and I still popped a boner when he came walking up the beach. Don't tell me you didn't. My mom popped a boner and she's been dead for five years.

  2. Oh, and,

    "Remember, you can’t spell “ARRRGGGHHHH!!!” without ARG."

    I am SO done with the obligatory summer ARG. Oh joy, another fake website where we're expected to look at the html code, convert that to binary, convert the binary to Portugese, take the third letter of every sixteenth word, inseminate a wolverine, and rearrange the letters to find another fake website. How 'bout no.

  3. What I want to know is what are "Military Grade Dong Dong Style Confectionary Food Supplements" and how I can get my hands on some. Mmmmm….military dong-dongs!

  4. P.S. Yes, I know they're Ding Dongs, but I'm standing firm that with copyright law, the military would be forced to name them something else, and Dang Dongs would make a better band name than knock off food name, and let's not even speak of Deng Dongs and especially not Dung Dongs. *shudder*

  5. I'm kinda pissed that the next 2 seasons could easily be the Oceanic 6 trying to get back to the island that they've wanted to get off of for sooo long.

    Edit: i'm totally down for the books of the 1st 100 comics as well, as the 1st 2 yrs.

  6. Congrats on #100! That's amazing man, good for you.

    I loved this episode of Lost. It explained a couple of things and, of course, created a few more "WTF?" questions that I sincerely hope will someday be answered. (It should be noted that I'm a glutton for punishment when it comes to Lost.)

  7. Congrats on 100! You are awesome. Have a great summer! Oh wait…

    Anyway, that's quite an accomplishment. Here's to hundreds (maybe even thousands?) more!

  8. Anyone else wonder what the hell they have been feeding that kid since his main food source (Claire) abandoned him to run off to that cabin in the jungle with her dad?

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