In The Event of a Water Landing…

Ding-Dongs can be used as a flotation device. So can Hurley.  The resulting tsunami actually destroyed The Island.

I assume at least some of you haven’t seen the LOST Season 4 finale, so rest assured this comic doesn’t give anything away. It is merely an alternate (more realistic) course of events that could have taken place in last night’s episode.

For those that have seen it… are you kidding me? You saw everyone looking at the lard-ass-son-ma-bitch. They were all thinking it. Survival of the fittest, motherfuckers.

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Remember, you can’t spell “ARRRGGGHHHH!!!” without ARG.


Apparently this was the 100th HijiNKS Ensue comic (not counting the 2 guest comics).  I’ve considered doing a book of the first 100 comics, then doing the the first full 2 years (all of 2007-08) as a deluxe book when the time comes.

The Googlebot is a confused mechanical man

Joel: you’ll like this
Joel: #4 search term this month
Joel: “bear comics”
Josh: hahhahaahha
Joel: #8
Joel: “porn lost”
Josh: awesome
Joel: it gets better
Joel: #15
Joel: “jack shepherd bear”
Joel: and #20
Joel: FTW
Joel:“polar bear panties”

Yes, Jack Shephard, there is a Santa Claus

Perhaps you’ve heard of the plight of little Tommy Westphal. His father and grandfather just didn’t understand his autism, so they locked him in a room, beat him with extension cords and made him watch St. Elsewhere.

This comic marks the 3rd and final in my LOST-centric series. Why does Josh get to play the regressed man-child TV-tard? (I literally answered the question in that sentence) Because he’s been a consummate cheerleader for LOST. Even in the dark times, the pointless times, the unnecessarily confusing times. He always assumes there has to be a plan. All of this will pay off someday, right? It will not.

LOST is your drunken boyfriend. When he’s good, things seem generally OK. There might be a future for the two of you. But when he’s bad you get two black eyes (he must have told you twice) and side-plots about hunky Brazilian diamond thieves. One of these days, LOST is going to go too far and your going to end up the subject of a Lifetime movie staring Meredith BaxterBirney. LOST probably has a second family in Orlando.