If I Built Houses The Way I Build Websites

“Cascading” style sheet, indeed. This is why it took me 2 weeks, 9-12 hours a day, every day to get this very site looking and functioning the way it does (or doesn’t). I play drums better than I write CSS, which (if you know me) is saying something. It’s fair to say I am a “Punk Rock Coder,” not in that I am rebellious about coding and play by my own rules, but rather that I am shitty at it.

Wednesday June 3 is my birthday. If you would like to make me VERY happy, and you aren’t interested in things like becoming a Patron, donations or Amazon wishlists, how about you SHARE THE FUCK out of this comic (or any of the other comics)? Pretty please? Let’s get some more Sharksploders in these comic infested waters.

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  1. I’m not in a position to give (minimum wage job + starting grad school next month), but I will direct all my best thoughts to you for a happy birthday and a healthy, prosperous year ahead.

  2. .funny-comic {
    premise-a: house;
    premise-b: comic;
    truth: included;
    explosion: included;
    payoff: laughing;

      • I might be, did just get handed a written warning for reading comics however… Might have to turn that into making comics too…

        • Joking aside, this shit… this fucking backwards mentality about what constitutes a good and productive employee makes me livid. The mentality the served the industrial revolution (“If you aren’t making shit at all times you are costing me money!”) has somehow carried over into 2015 American office culture. Most people spend the majority of their lives at their job and asleep. That leaves VERY little time to actually be the person you want to be. 40-80 hour work weeks and 1-2 weeks of vacation is a fucking scam. It breed miserable workers with low productivity, low job satisfaction and low quality of life. I know this first hand because I was taught to manage people at my old job the way you are being managed right now. When I saw someone on their phone, or hanging out in the break room for too long I was SUPPOSED to get mad. And I did. I internalized that “you are wasting time, which means you are costing me money” idea. It was and is total bullshit. Everyone with an office-type job should be given reasonable goals. No one should ever even look at their productivity until the period within which those goals were to be completed has expired. At the end of that period, if the goals were met or exceeded, you’ve got yourself a great employee. When the goals were finished, WHENEVER that was, the employee should go home. If it takes them 4 hours a day to do a job that takes someone else 10, LET THEM GO HOME. If, at the end of the period, the goals aren’t met, then you can incentivize the employee to get their work done on time.

          American office/corporate culture is about cramming every individual into a uniform box and then staring at the box the entire time the person is in it just to make sure they’re still in the box and they aren’t enjoying themselves.

  3. Just keep making comics so I can escape my cube a few times a (insert latest goal here). You and xkcd. OK? OK.

  4. This is basically how everyone who eventually deeply groks any kind of programming (or, anything, I suppose!) starts out. Iterating trial and error for a couple of hundred weeks at the same thing and all of a sudden you’re an expert!

    (the secret is to hide all of your asploded houses behind a hill, out of sight of the paying clients)

  5. As a web developer who tales pride in building good shut, just the thought of someone doing this pains me.

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