Sweet Kitty Dreams

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    • Thanks! My goal was to make it visually and tonally different than HE. I didn’t want to keep reinventing the same basic formula or forcing my new ideas to fit into old parameters.

  1. It’s like your con-sketches brought to a new level! Love it! Any Taco Tuesday specials in our future?

  2. The RSS/Twitter/Tumblr links up at the top of the page are a lie! Fortunately I found the tiny little RSS link at the bottom. Just posting this in case anyone else was confused. Might want to get those checked out though…

    • I just tested each link and they work perfectly for me in Safari on a Mac. What OS and browser are you using? Do you have any kind of ad-blocker running? Shouldn’t matter since they’re standard html links.

    • Thank you. I’m not super sad now. Might be closer to the end, but I’d like it to go out with a satisfying conclusion rather than a “that dude’s STILL making this thing?!”

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