If I Built Houses The Way I Build Websites

“Cascading” style sheet, indeed. This is why it took me 2 weeks, 9-12 hours a day, every day to get this very site looking and functioning the way it does (or doesn’t). I play drums better than I write CSS, which (if you know me) is saying something. It’s fair to say I am a “Punk Rock Coder,” not in that I am rebellious about coding and play by my own rules, but rather that I am shitty at it.

Wednesday June 3 is my birthday. If you would like to make me VERY happy, and you aren’t interested in things like becoming a Patron, donations or Amazon wishlists, how about you SHARE THE FUCK out of this comic (or any of the other comics)? Pretty please? Let’s get some more Sharksploders in these comic infested waters.