I Am Edward Norton’s Inflamed Sense Of Rejection

Comic-Con 2010

This comic was actually intended to run last Friday (when this story was still fresh) but I had to preempt it to make fun of Apple’s “Antennagate” press conference.


I will be at the Topatoco booth (#1231) in the Webcomic’s Pavilion (just around the corner from Penny Arcade). I will have a few shirts, my book, various comic prints, a few left over large prints, [maybe a secret special print… more on that later], and a new item:

Sketch Cards! For $5 I will do a quick sketch for you on a nice card that looks like this:

HijiNKS ENSUE Comic Con Sketch Cards

Pretty neat, huh? Sketches in HE books (that you buy) are free, and larger commissioned pieces are priced depending on complexity.

COMIC-CON EXCLUSIVE “Browncoat vs. Red Shirt” SHIRTS!!!

I can now announce that I did a couple of shirt designs for Quantum Mechanix, fine online retailer of various Firefly/Serentiy, Dr. Horrible, Battlestar and Star Trek Merch, that will be exclusively sold at Comic-Con (booth 3251, which is mid-hall, toward the back wall, near the break area) and likely never again. Pick a side and display your colors proudly.


FB’s JustChristine and JonnyAce wants to organize a meetup for sometime during the con. Thursday night I will be at W00tstock. If you are interested make a comment. If enough people are interested we can make an event on the Fancy Bastards Facebook page. Follow me on Twitter for minute to minute updates as to what’s going on while I’m at Comic-Con.

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  1. In death, a member of Project Avengers has a name. His name was Eric Bana.

    His name was Eric Bana!
    His name was Eric Bana!
    His name was Eric Bana!

  2. It's too bad Norton is a bit of an asshole, i liked his Banner, and not that Marvel isn't being a bag of dicks, but a bad seed on a team movie would throw it of its rocker, so go away Ed, lets bring on a Brit!

    • A good director can work around a headcase if he's right for the part, a bad director will let the headcase destroy his movie. Like Christopher Nolan handling Christian Bale vs McG handling Christian Bale. Norton made a great Banner, and I think that Joss Weadon could handle him

  3. It's a shame. I think I'll put it down to marvel being a huge pile of penises (something they've been famed for lo, these many years) rather than Norton not being a team player. And why the hell is The Human Torch now suddenly Captain America?

  4. Since all great puns about Ed Norton’s movies of dudes with anger management problems have been said, I’d like to praise the cutest ever browncoat/redshirt design, as well as the “Joel Watson ruined this very nice piece of paper…” fine print in the sketch card-thingies. They look very nice indeed!

  5. I would just like to state my dislike of things that can only be bought in places I cannot be.
    That is all.

    • I too am upset about things I would like to buy being available only in places I will not be. I clicked through to purchase some Firefly/Star Trek shirts before discovering it wasn't a store link, returning here and tasting bitter disappointment…

  6. Realy funny Fight Club bit, is the comic based on all Fight Club or bits of other Ed Norton movies?
    Also, I'm unclear as to who, ultimately, is at fault, Marvel or Norton?

  7. Rule 1 of Hulk Club: Do not talk about Hulk Club.
    Rule 2 of Hulk Club: DO NOT TALK ABOUT HULK CLUB!!!
    I just had to say that before someone else did.

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