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Eli still hasn’t washed that shirt. Get it? Washed?

Quick post today, so I can get back to toiling in the pixel mines. Alan Tudyk is known for being a gossip and a trouble maker, and a generally cantankerous individual. So it’s no wonder he is out there in Hollywood spreading vicious rumors of a Serenity Sequel (that’s BDS to you of the brown coated persuasion). Actually he’s a very talented and gracious man. My wife and I met him in New York a couple of years ago and I was thoroughly impressed with his treatment of random fans on the street. Also he can sing.

Just as I was about to support the cuase and buy a gross of the Serenity: Collectors Edition DVD’s, I found out that it all may have been a misunderstanding. He might have been talking about “another one” as in “another collectors DVD.”

Keep your fingers crossed and your psychopath/telepath combat-conditioned sisters medicated. If we all buy 40 or 50 Serenity DVD’s we might get a new movie. Remember, they can’t take the sky from us… except that they did.


I’m in the process of launching an HE store (shirts, etc). Anyone have advice for a shirt printing service other than CafePress? I hear tell they are teh bitches.

Also, anyone want a desktop background with Joel and Eli sitting at the coffee shop? I have a nice hi-res version of that I could work up into a couple of different res’s.

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  1. On another topic, I’m beginning to see the Firefly people in all kinds of movies now. Just the other day, I saw Wash appearing in Knocked Up and Death at a Funeral. And when someone made me watch White Noise 2, I spent the whole movie thinking about how the universe should completely totally collapse when Starbuck and Captain Mal Reynolds kiss.

  2. nooooooo wash!

    you’ve re-opened my wounds and salted them.

    well, as long as they dont kill off jayne too. THEN whedon and i will really have problems.

  3. @WInsmith
    That is a bit of a SciFi Paradox. I enjoyed Wash in Dodgeball. Also, Jayne in Se7en.

    Glad you enjoyed Alan Tudyk’s horrible impaling.


    When Josh and Eli and Mikey and Me went to the Super Sneek (oh and Jeramy) Preview of Serenity, there was a “Ballad of Jayne” sing along. Sometime nerds cross the line.

    I heard that was good. Isnt BatBale in that?

  4. That is one of the greatest things I have seen recently. Very nice.

    Your explanation of the alternate explanation for the rumor is sad, though – first I’d heard of that. I was so hoping there was some truth to it.

  5. I think my heart stopped for a moment when I heard that rumor… Tudyk was great in 3:10 to Yuma, he really pulled the part off well. I actually got to meet Jewel Staite (Kaylee) at the “Can’t stop the Serenity” screening up here in Vancouver Canada…..dressed as Wash šŸ˜‰

  6. @Neminem
    Glad you liked it. It wasnt my idea that he might not really be talking about a sequel, but when you read the article I can see how hopeful browncoats would take his words out of context.

    I guess I have to see Yuma now. Was Kaylee all greasy? Like with spaceship engine grease? Because that would be awesome.

  7. *Iā€™m in the process of launching an HE store (shirts, etc). Anyone have advice for a shirt printing service other than CafePress? I hear tell they are teh bitches.*

    cafepress are only bitches when you use copyrighted images; but honestly their product isn’t that great. I’ve got a cafepress store, but the text on my shirt was blurry. Honestly, I’d recommend spreadshirt.com instead, they have a better quality product.

  8. @Erin
    Thanks for the advice.
    I am going to forgo the whole “instant shirt” thing entirely and do real screen printing. Spreadshirt does seem better but they charge about the same (too much) and only pay once a quarter.

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