Guest Comic By Randal Milholland Of Something*Positive

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Joel Watson of Geek webcomic HijiNKS ENSUE at New York Comic Con 2011

Randy Milholland of Something*Positive is not just one of my favorite webcomicers, he is also one of my favorite people. We have shared many a convention table, many a long walk in an unfamiliar city and many a hotel room. Oh, the nightmare fuel he has bestowed upon me in those hotel rooms. The stories I’ve been told, the things I’ve seen. Boxer shorts to not always fully contain the horrors that lurk within their subtle flaps. And the beard? It goes all the way down. ALL. THE. WAY. DOWN. When the night is black and the wind is bitter cold, some say you can climb it straight down into Hell.

All of that said, in the words of Dumbledore upon the Death of Cedric Diggory, Randy is a fierce friend. Seriously. He will bend over backwards for a friend more often than sanity should allow and the size of his heart is matched only by the size of his beard (which is ironic because, as a parasite organism, his beard is tied directly into his circulatory system. I also expect his heart has it’s own beard).

COMMENTERS: Let’s explore the world of panel 1, where the sea is cats. What are the repercussions of a feline sea? What are these cat-ocean pirates all about? What the hell else is going on in this crazy ass Mar de Los Gatos world? OMG the beach would be so cute. The “tide” would scamper in and scamper out along the coastline. Though skipping stones seems like a bad idea now.

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  1. Isn't it obvious that the "sea of cats" is a metaphor for the internet, and you're just two butt pirates navigating your way through it

    • Yeah, my first thought was LOLcats and PIrate Bay.
      Then of course I realized the metaphor for our collective longing to walk on cats.

  2. Thanks to this comic I now have two mental images that I don't think I'll ever shift… the first is of a lonely old man fishing at the end of a pier reeling in yet more fishbones looking dismayed and confused at how he hasn't managed to get any edible fish all day.

    The second is the image of someone doing a highdive into a pool of kittens… it doesn't end well for the diver or the kittens.

    Also, is it just me who googled kandyman half thinking (or hoping) it was a figment of randys imagination?

  3. Sort of dig the scratching post the Captian has instead of a leg in the watercolor . (Yes, yes…I know it's a "peg leg"- don't be dense)

  4. The sandy beaches would be a wonderful visit… until you realize it's just a giant litter box. I've been around litter boxes that have needed to be changed immediately. I can't even fathom what the stench would be like for something like a cat beach.

  5. It doesn't surprise me at all that Randy would imagine a Sea of Cats, since his comic features a cat that is basically liquid. But the analogy could be extended to include Garfield as the office water cooler, Ceiling Cat representing a leaky roof and Keyboard Cat playing nothing but "(Let Me Take You on a) Sea Cruise". But what happens when it's raining cats AND DOGS? Still, Thundercats now makes a lot more sense. And the "eight glasses a day" thing makes cats' nine lives more understandable.

  6. The watercolour is sublime, and a reference to classic Doctor Who, even though it is a character that a lot of Doctor Who fans will not speak of or acknowledge… Much appreciation and respect to Randy.

  7. If you look, one of the kittens has fully formed buttocks and two broken hind legs. The water color style is pretty cool though.

  8. I'm sailing away
    Set an open course for the kitten sea
    'Cause I've got to be free
    Free to live the life, of the cats and me
    On board I'm the cat-tain, so climb aboard
    We'll search for some tuna, on every shore
    And we'll try, Ceiling-Cat, we'll try, to scurry on.

    A gathering of felines, appeared above my head
    They sang to me this song of hope, and this is what they said:
    Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away kittie (cats)
    Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away kittie

  9. Randy is a wise man… Kandyman is actually pretty scary (no joke). I've had the honor of meddling with the original costume before the Doctor Who museum housing it closed down (last year). Seeing the suit lurking in a darkened corner of a corridor was still frightenning, for many of the wrong reasons. I also got to pet the last surviving(?) dinosaur from Invasion of the Dinosaurs, and ogle Tom Baker's scarf. No idea where the props went after it shut. 🙁

    Kandyman can unfortunately never make a return in the UK, due to copyright infringement (also no joke). The BBC had to agree never to use him again, due to him looking like a close relative of Bertie Bassett, the mascot of a British sweets company:
    Bassetts is still going, fueled entirely by the elderly population and their licorice powered longevity.

    • There's no reason why they can't re-design him in some way, right? I smell a petition a-brewin'.
      Now calling to order the 1st meeting of the Gallifreyan Brotherhood of Doctor Who Rogue Gallery Preservationists, etc.

    • This post was both informative and infuriating. An American company would jump at the chance to have their mascot appear in a popular TV series, even as a villain. Just look how popular the non-existent Sta-Puft marshmallows have become. And Reese's Pieces would have outsold M&Ms 10:1 if only they'd poisoned ET.

      • I guess Bassett's didn't want children to be scared of their mascot? I have no idea.
        It's not like Dr Who was selling a ton of merchandise back then either. Nothing like these days, all the bits and pieces were low key and low budget (like cardboard cereal toys, or colouring books). The BBC thought Dr Who was so "valuable" that they recorded over a chunk of the old episodes to save money, for God's sake.

    • You forget Bassetts makes and sells the 4th Doctor's sweet of choice: Jelly Babies.
      There used to be a Bassetts factory just down the road from where I used to live in Sheffield, UK. The aromas that came from that place in the middle of the night were mind-blowing. You could inhale the sugar… I miss it.

  10. I love seeing history books with old maps (and fantasy novels with the homages to old maps for their fantasy worlds) where once you go too far into the Cat Sea, you're warned "Here be Tigers!"

  11. A sea of kittens is not a very good idea at all. Sure it may be cute and fuzzy – but it's also full of teeth and claws.
    Kittens won't support your boat or your body, they would all get out of the way, so you'd be on the bottom of the "ocean", and a tidal wave of kittens would come crashing down on your head… and you'd probably suffocate.

    And some of the kittens would be fighting and pooping… it wouldn't be very quiet or smell very good.

  12. So if the sea is made of kittens, what is the land made out of? What is it that kittens would, over the ages, endlessly erode with wave after wave after wave of pouncing?

  13. Aww, really? No Babylon 5? I understand you were like 9 and all, but I was watching Star Blazers and the first Battlestar Galactica at that age. (And yeah, I knew how cheesy they were, but a boy's gotta get his space opera somewhere.)

  14. I don't recall the Kandyman, but I know instantly that I, too, would prefer him to the Slitheen. The Slitheen are the primary reason I balk at introducing people to the show with series one.

    • Anything is better than those Russell T. Davies farting cretins. Seriously, they were just a slap in the face. No wonder Christopher Eccleston quit the show. Just the thought of having to do two stories with those pathetic "monsters" would make any sane actor quit.

  15. Anybody else hear Krusty screeching ALL THE WAY DOWN in their heads? Yeah, you know who you are.

    You just know Neil Gaiman is working on a new treatment of Kandyman for next season. And it'll be FUCKING TERRIFYING.

  16. Thx again for the Doctor is In print Joel….Enjoy the rest of the show…and I still say Randy's pic could only have been better with Wil Wheaton swimming/buried amongst the sea of kitties! Have fun!

  17. Randal Milholland, this was an utterly wonderful guest strip! You outdid yourself and I really appreciate the effort! The art, the change in directions, the buildup, details in the dialog, it all was good. Made my day sofar better. Thank you.

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