The Scrooge Who Stole Television (Guest Comic by Ed)

When I decided to take a week off of comicing to spend time with my family and catch up on projects I called on a few Fancy Bastards to fill the void. These particular FB’s had made their talents for art and funny known to me in one fashion or another the last year, so I knew HE would be in good hands while I was away.

Today’s yuletide geekgasm comes from Ed, who had been posting his new webcomic “Peculiar Comics” in the FB forum for the past few months, and has recently launch his own comic blog at One of the reason’s I asked him to do a guest comic was that his art style differed so greatly from mine. I love seeing how other artists might interpret my characters. It actually makes me incredibly nervous when I ask for guest comics, because I never know if the artist is going to “get” the themes and “non-premise” of HE. I’m always worried the comic is going to look great, but not be funny, or just not fit with the humor style I’m trying to establish. Luckily Ed was no slouch, deftly incorporating my love/hate for Heroes, references to Duck Tales, Denise’s gourd hat and infrequent comic appearances, and working in a Star Wars reference AND a humiliating Josh costume in a single blow. I was both pleased and impressed.

So, check out Ed’s comic (since he seems to be setting us up for a continuation of this story line later this week), and look for another guest spot on Wednesday. FSM willing, I’ll be back on Friday with some sort of cop-out single panel X-mas themed thing.


It seems his noodley appendage has other plans. Family obligations have made comicing impossible for the last several days. I have one that I want to get out before the end of the year, but right now I can say exactly when it will be.

Happy Holidays!


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  1. Huzzah! I've been looking forward to seeing it go live. Much thanks for the opportunity to do this, Joel. 'Twas one of the most fun comics I've done yet.

    Also, much thanks to you and the FBs for helping Peculiar Comics get off the ground with the great advice and feedback.

    (Also, http://peculiarcomics.comworks, too.)

  2. Well Hello there style and action! Love the strong black lines and the colouring brightens the comic up just right.
    (Here's hoping Josh's Halloween costume next year will be the Leia outfit.)


  3. The power of giving! Excellent. I can't imagine why I didn't guess Ed as a possible guest comicer, he's certainly got the moves. Great job bro!

        • Kyochan is right, as the comics are filled with HE ¿traditions? and in-jokes
          Examples would be the annual happy thanksgravy (al que lea español me gustaria escribirlo "dia de accion de salsas") and the jokes about bacon.

          And now we go to the blaccuweather report with ollie williams. ollie?
          do you have an umbrella?
          HAD ONE
          whare is it now?

  4. It's great! Though I do have to ask why Josh is molested in each guest comic. Not that I really mind. I'd like to do the same. 😀 Woof, Josh!

    • Thanks! Part of my initial plan was to have Marley as the one who put Josh in the outfit, complete with a creepy-text "Marley like!" in the first panel. I mean, I think that implication is still sorta there, but it was initially more out in the open.

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