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FUNDRAISER UPDATE: 63/100 “Daddy/Daughter Digital Drawing Time” prints are sold! This is the LAST WEEK to order yours and support my NOT going to IRS jail (a real thing) efforts! After this week I will have the prints produced and we’ll start signing and mailing them out.

Donations are also incredibly appreciated, if that’s more your style.

hijinks ensue fundraiser print 2013 web

Speaking of making new things, my wife just made a couple of Game Of Thrones inspired necklaces for you Starks and Lannisters.

Game Of Thrones Necklaces - Stark and Lannister - Science And Fiction - Etsy

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  1. Siri, play Mother North.

    Not sure if I would trust my phone to choose my music for me, especially since I'm not sure all my mp3's have a "genre" listing. And the one that does is probably classified incorrectly.

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