There was a rumor/news story that was quickly debunked that Michael “Can we make an explosion explode?” Bay was retiring from the action film genre and moving on to other pursuits. Whether there was an ounce of truth to the story or not, doesn’t concern me. Explosions as an art form and story telling medium, on the other hand, do.

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What other genre’s should “Splode ‘Em Up” Bay take a crack at? How would the movie’s play out?

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  1. That IS the best explosion you've ever drawn! Love those textures. GREAT writing in this comic, would love to see more with well encapsulated humorous little stories.

  2. Another awesome comic!
    The mind boggles at all the possibilities!
    Remakes/Sequels of childrens animation are currently my favourite.

    Bambi 2: Revenge of the Fallen
    The Little Mermaid 4?: Pearl Harbour
    Babe 3: Bad Bacon

  3. @ biopolarbear
    (Having trouble 'replying' or posting once logged in- timeout message)

    Any time I hear that word I think 'Amageddon on!' What's that from?

    The Land of Oz Chainsaw Massacre
    Freaky Friday the 13th
    A Nightmare on Sesame Street
    The Rock Star

    hehehe i'm having waaay too much fun with this…

  4. I can't remember where I heard it but someone joked that as a child Bay must have been molested by an explosion.

    That last panel is excellent.

  5. Mercy, that's some gruesome love-making in the last panel. I can only suppose they'd waited until marriage and his seminal vehicles derailed. And then one of them transmogrimorphisized into a squishy genitalia robot made of all the abortions that Kirk Cameron left in the wake of the 80's, which is thundering down the boulevard toward the Celebrity Centre to network a deal.

  6. Movies I would like to see Bay make:
    Smurfin 2: Electric Gargamel's Revenge
    Lord of the OH MY GOD HEADSPLODE
    Harry Pottersplode
    Star Wars

    He should tackle comedy – lots of EXPLODING PIES LOLOLOLOLOLOLROFL

    Awesome last panel BTW Joel

    • hahahahahahahaHA! Dude, put some ice on that & you'll be fine. Did you read Ebert's review yet? It's harsh, yet funny. He quotes some British reviews, which sound just brutal. What is it with the Brits against good ol' dumb explody excitement? Do their critics just not have a sense of FUN, or are all critics like that?

      • It's because the only movies we can afford to make over here feature chinless wonders walking around the british countryside being floppy haired and shy and still getting the girl in the end.

        It's like a knife to the soul to think of someone having such a gigantisaurus budget and still managing to make utter tosh with it.

  7. –What other genre’s should “Splode ‘Em Up” Bay take a crack at?–

    Lifetime Origional Movies. Two sisters get cancer while falling in love with the same man who works for the FBI and makes them both pregnant with twins (that makes 4 babies!). One of the twins has down syndrome.
    Fast forward to the good part: lots of things blow up and people die. Then there's a heartwarming reunion at the end of the movie, standing over the ruins of a terrorist splinter cell hideout with the pentagon in the background. I gave it 4/5 tissues.

    Also, Finding Nemo 2: This time it's personal. I don't want to give away the ending, but a little clown fish just might take down Kim John Il with old world war 2 sea mines on a quest to find his long lost brother.

  8. The visual in the final panel is impressive, but I was hoping for a HEADSPLODE.

    Since it's a movie-within-a-comic, clearly, the Foley artist was on a coffee break. 😉

  9. Love means never having to say… ARGH MY HEAD'S GONNA BLOW UP LIKE SCANNERS!

    Michael Bay, man, that dude makes EVERYTHING blow up. You know what I would like him to take on? Michael Bay Presents: My Dinner With Andre.

  10. just have to mention that exploding head syndrome doesnt actually cause your head to explode. it just causes a huge explosion or loud sound in your head and then you have brain troubles.

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