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I’m sure this comic makes little to no sense if you haven’t seen Let The Right One In. Though if you haven’t you probably should. Hell, it’s on Netflix streaming right now. That’s what I did this weekend. Go. Go watch it. It’s quite pretty and certainly isn’t your typical vampire movie.

If you HAVE seen it, I recommend reading the book, or at least the wiki entry about the book. There were some major plot elements cut out of the film so that it could focus on the relationship between Oskar and Eli. Knowing more about the backstory shed light onto a few points of confusion from the movie.

I’d rather the American remake, Let Me In, just go ahead and steamroll straight to the lowest common denominator and make it a dance movie called Let Me All Up Ins. Of course it would be followed by the sequel, Let Me All Up Ins Too: Tokyo Dancepire Throw Down – The Servening. The soundtrack will be all Lady GaGa and Blackeyed Peas songs remixed by the Wayans brothers.

UPDATE: This early review actually makes it sound pretty good. Damnit. I guess I’ll have to find something else to complain about. How’s that oil spill thing going?

UPDATE 2: Here’s the trailer.

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  1. And it will be set in Forks, Washington.

    And the characters will be 16, but the cast will be in their 20s. And there will be werewolves…. and Chris Rock will be there for no reason.

  2. The book is great but pretty disturbing, particularly with regards to Hakan. There is one scene that is so incredibly tense that I had to put the book away to calm myself down a bit.

    I don't like NOT giving things a chance, but so far Hollywood's track record for remaking amazing foreign films has been really, REALLY bad. The Departed was great but honestly Scorsese actually made his own movie out of "Infernal Affairs" instead of just stealing the idea.

    Ok, foreign-movie-geek-rant over.

    • Agreed. Most of the foreign remakes are pretty bad. Vanilla Sky is one that I can think of that split everybody I know down the middle…although careful scrutiny reveals The Sound of Music, True Lies (fuck it, I love me some Arnold Action), and The Magnificent Seven.

      Quite frankly, I thought that The Departed was more interesting to watch that all three of the Infernal Affairs combined. Didn't like the original cast or the pacing, to be honest with you.

      Ugh, I just remembered…Hollywood is going to fuck up Oldboy SO bad.

      • Baaah, I think I blocked out the fact that they are remaking Oldboy. They are going to sanitize it and totally lose the F'ed up ending.

  3. Turning it into Twilight, a horrifying thought. This was one of the best and most effective films in any genre I've seen in years.
    The stupid already burns and I don't know a thing about the remake.

  4. When I saw this in production I just al-almost cr….well basically lost every last ounce of faith in Americans to appreciate good vampire literature and media (even after Twilight I held hope, Daybreakers had been a huge step up). The swedish film is done perfectly well on its own and doesn't need a (really) badly made American-version of it.

  5. OK, now i am worried that they may screw it up but they have already released information about the film and they've got Chloe Moretz – the 13 yr Girl from Kick-Ass who played hit-girl and did an amazing job. And Owen will be played by the kid from the road

    And the director sad that apart from setting the film will be adapting the book, not the Swedish film.

  6. I saw that film! I had no idea there even was an American remake but I certainly will not be watching it. Let the Right One In managed to give me nightmares. Not many films can do that.

  7. Aww hell no!
    I read an article about upcoming horror flicks, and this dude said that Let me in needs to be more… understandable for US audiences.
    There's been talk about this new film not being a re-make but a different version of the story. After all the Swedish movie left out the most horrible things in the book, so technically there could be version with

    paedophilia and undead Håkan,

    but for some reason I don't think that's going to happen. I just really hate the whole idea of Let me in.
    Come on, just watch the original! (And read the book.) There aren't even that many subtitles to read, because Scandinavians don't even talk that much.


  8. I wouldn't count anything out until I see it. Who knows? It could be good. I'm on the "I really liked it" side of the polarizing Vanilla Sky fence. I currently can't think of any other American remakes that exist, so that's my only argument to the defense of this movie.

  9. As an avid Asian-films fan, I have never been able to figure out why any films have needed to be "remade" for American audiences. It's not like there aren't already American audiences watching them…
    The Grudge – I love SMG, but the original was better, even though it's shot-for-shot
    The Ring – I actually like the American version better, Samara was way creepier

    In terms of sad remakes, at the risk of being "late to the show" why the bloody hell is Jackie Chan teaching a black kid Kung Fu in a movie called the Karate Kid? Shouldn't it be "Kung Fu Kid?" I think they'd have been better off making a "similar movie" rather than trying to sell it as a remake.

    • In the trailer, they actually reference the original Karate Kid, some of the bullies mockingly saying to Jaden Smith's character "What are you, the Karate Kid?" So it's more of an homage than a remake is kind of what I'm getting. I've also heard surprisingly good things about it.

      So you're right when you say they'd be better of making a "similar movie" and that they shouldn't be selling it as a strict remake.

      For some reason, I find myself in a minority of people advocating this movie. Then again, I could be wrong.

      • Really I just find the whole "remake" idea distasteful. I find the whole sequel idea distasteful as well, usually.

        American movie companies think American audiences don't or won't watch foreign films, because ticket sales for incredibly narrow releases aren't as high as the American redo in wide release. As if it's MY fault the foreign movie isn't in a theater within 65 miles of my home, and I really don't want to have to drive 3 hours home after the movie lets out at midnight. On a weeknight. When I have to work the next day.
        I was shocked when Brotherhood of the Wolf opened nearby, and I made sure to go see it when it did.
        It's just not worth driving to see something when the drive is longer than the movie. They never quite give American audiences a GOOD CHANCE to see these films BEFORE deciding they need to redo them for American audiences. (No wonder the download market is so huge.)

  10. Us Swedes whined lots and lots when the movie was being made, because we KNEW they were going to fuck up the book. As we all know they didnt. They left out a lot of stuff but made one of the best swedish movies in the past 10 years. To me it was a real surprise that it got so big outside of Sweden. Most good swedish movies dont get further than a limited European release, but this one got all the attention it deserved. Except being Swedens Oscar contender, for some insane reason…

    Anyway. Im actually looking forward to the Hollywood remake. Mostly because its will be so dumbed down that its going to be hilarious. We already have the "real" thing to watch if we want a fantastic movie. This will just be for laughs.

    By the way, John Ajvide Lindqvist just relaesed his new novel here in Sweden. And its fantastic…..

  11. I saw an advertisement for the remake referring to it as "The Best American Horror Film in the Last 20 Years!" I almost cried.

  12. I never actually knew this was so well known outside of Europe. I found the dvd in England and was slightly surprised to even see it there. When i saw that there was going to be an American remake i Facepalmed a fair amount.

    Just to note: I'm English but my girlfriend is Swedish, and she introduced me to this film. The author of the book is Actually her Mum's cousin 😛 i can see his house from outside my window, right now.

    Fun, huh?

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