Cerveza Libre

And now you know. Eli’s parents are both Luchadores. Wait, is this character development? God I hope not.

This comic has elements of truth in it. There WAS a party sponsored by Josh and Eli’s work to promote their new game. , and I WAS invited (as were all of you…  you just didn’t know it). Apparently they had a famous jazz musician providing entertainment.

Speaking of his sordid comic past, Eli and I actually came up with a pretty good back story. You see, he comes from a long line of Mexican Wrestlers. He shamed his parents by going to art school instead of following in the family business. His father is forced by honor to continue wrestling until the day his son can take over his mask and mantle.

Here’s your challenge: Come up with Eli’s parents wrestling names, and additional back story including rivalries, lineage, etc. If I like it, your ideas might become HE canon. Post your contributions in the comments.



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  1. took me a second to notice josh grinding on what I can only assume is Eli's mother

    My name suggestions

    Dad: El Taco Nacho Carne

    Mom: The So Sleeper (assuming the sleepies run in the family)

  2. As someone who is "in the business", I'm not sure if I'm hesitating to participate because I have an unfair advantage, or if it's because I'm afraid I'll embarrass myself by having far inferior ideas.

  3. This is especially funny if you saw Eli's tweets from the party.

    @Sean, by "in the business" are you referring to the Mexican wresting business, or the webcomic character naming business?

  4. Eli went for art school because his nemesis, Denise, shamed him in the ring. Seriously. Eli's dad is Siestro (only with an accent on the 'e', I'm lazy), and his mom is La grande Salchicha. Together they battle against Denise's parents, los Japoneños. It's funny.

  5. Yup, went from DVD filming to editing to DVD production to TV filming, and now to web show production, play-by-play commentary, and ring announcing. Trying to do play-by-play for the occasional luchador match is hell, by the way. Those little fuckers can MOVE!

  6. Have you seen the "Sino-Mexican Revelation" episode of the Middleman?

    I'll play along with the sleepy mama and suggest "Senora della Siesta" and for papi, I'm going to let silliness ensue with "Venenoso Sobrevienen"

  7. Eli's father is the infamous Senior Camacho Huevos grandiosa. He met Eli's mother after a cage match in Tijuana where he had to defeat three challengers, a pit bull and a small basket of kittens.

    Eli's mother is the nefarious Bonita del tatas. She is wanted across Mexico for a long string of testicle-crushing incidents.

    They fell in love at first site. The night of Eli's conception is marked in history not so much for his mothers insemination, but more from the rolling destruction left in the wake of his parents violent but strangely tender intercourse. It’s spoken of as a cautionary tale to this day.

    In a strange coincidence, it’s also around this time that the first sighting of the Chupacabra occurred. No direct connections have been made, but feel free to draw your own conclusions.

    To this day, its impossible for the whole family to go grocery shopping without being assaulted by a series of challengers and ninjas.

  8. Eli's dad should be El Janitor (the Spanish "J" is said like an English "H"), who wrestles by night but mops up the floors of the local high school by day. He creates a team of renegade high school wrestlers and teaches them the art of lucha libre. El Janitor has an ongoing feud with the Art department of the school, where he takes out his anger fueled by Eli's career.

    Eli's mom is La Cambiadorita ("The Changeling"), who is actually a man. Eli's real mom was a woman but she accidentally died in the ring in a ladder match when Eli was very young. Eli's dad, El Janitor, asked his tag team partner to "fill in", so they wouldn't have to break the news to Eli. Despite La Cambiadorita's eventual sex change and breast implants, Eli secretly knows that La Cambiadorita isn't his real mother, which is why he went to art school instead of La Escuela del Luchadores. Also, Josh knows that something isn't quite right with La Cambiadorita (hence the grinding at the party).

  9. Ol' Jazzy Jeff was mixing fairly well, and had the crowd going. His replacement for ye old prince of freshness wasn't really working very hard. I think P. Diddy does more work than this guy did. It was all "uh-huh" and "yeah!" I'm not even sure he knew where he was.

  10. Less-than-three-ing the punctuation marks in dad's speech bubble.

    ¿¿¿Is Eli's mom holding castanets???

    Intentional or not, also enjoying perspective of Eli's bottle and Josh. You (or your subconscious…or maybe just mine) is evil.

  11. Señoras y señores, en esto esquina… Sexy Pecho de Fuego y su esposa bella, La Madre!

    (Ladies and Gentlemen, in this corner.. Sexy Chest of Fire and his beautiful wife, The Mama)

    My vote for their names

  12. El Caballero Caballo – lets get some insinuation going on there 😉

    His mother could be La madre de la dia siesta pequena.

    My spanish/mexican is crap :/

  13. Eli's parents have a diverse group of misfits in their wrestling federation.

    One guy goes by the name "El Cajun", but he pronounces it "El Cage-un", instead of the proper "El Cahone"; because it's really some American dude who doesn't speak Spanish at all, and is clueless about the culture. EL Cajun's sidekick is a guy named "Potato Ole".

    Eli's parents, (under the team name "The Spanish Inquisition") have battled Cajun and Ole, and won several matches. They maintain a healthy friendship outside the ring, but they occasionally joke about Cajun's clueless-ness.

  14. I'm imaging a spinoff in which Eli lives near his parents, and they constantly mention that they are disappointed that he didn't join them in the family business, lucha libre. When he points out that he makes good money tightening the graphics on level 3 without having his face bashed in by a steel folding chair, they say things like "You think you're too good to do honest work? Your grandfather El Pollo Loco had to wear a chicken outfit while he wrestled for 40 years! And he never complained about having to eat nothing but chicken feed right up to the point where they slaughtered him in the Famine of '69." It will feature cameo appearances by Eli's 10 siblings.

  15. Babelfish says it means something like "Poison, it happens" but I started with "hijinks ensue" and noticed "Sobrevienen" seemed like "venom", so I went with "venom ensues"

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