Brother, Can You Spare 50 Million Dimes

Don’t have a lot of time to post with… words… and….

So here’s the facts: Nic Cage owes a metric shit ton of money to the IRS and Johnny Depp stepped in to foot the bill. That’s a Hollywood bromance if there ever was one.

I will be a guest at the Dragon Lair Webcomics Weekend Rampage December 12-13 in Austin, TX with Jeph, Danielle, Kurtz, Randy and more! From what I know it’s just going to be a giant webcomics meat meet and greet for 2 days with extra awesome and a dash of good times.

Screen shot 2009-11-16 at 5.59.14 PM

Ever since Wil Wheaton tweeted about and bought the “Holodeck Is For Porn” shirt, they’ve been selling rather well (for the first time). Oh, you don’t know about it? Maybe you should buy one and be one of the cool kids.

The Holodeck Is For Porn Shirt

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      • I dont know. You have to take these guys typical lifestyle into account. You get 5-10 mil for a movie and immediately 50% is going to the IRS. You have to have the self control to put aside half the money and not touch it for a year. They're monthly expenses for homes, cars and extravagance is probably more than most people make in a year. They are typically paying the salaries of assistants, housekeepers, etc plus another 10 – 15% goes to the agent.

        I bet its pretty easy to go broke, especially when you arent paying attention to where every dollar is going.

        • PSSFFFH! I'm rich! I buy hookers, stuff 'em full of blow and cash and LIGHT 'EM ON FIRE whaddaya mean broke?

          • But yeah, I hear being rich is a rag anyhow. Look at all the multi-million dollar lottery winners that end up tits up after a couple of years.

  1. You should have drawn Nick in the bear suit from Wicker Man in panel 2! That would have been….well, actually pretty terrifying. Other than that, awesome. You're uncomfortably good at drawing edward scissorhands.

  2. Aww, now if I buy the shirt I'll seem like a bandwagoner. Same with the Groverfield shirt! Curse my delay in purchasing my geek memorabilia!

    Also, to be fair, Nic Cage in panel 2 is certainly not Nic Cage from Bangkok or Next or Knowing…you can tell because his hair isn't bad enough.

  3. Those are some of the most interesting real person drawings you've ever made. the middle panel is pure solid gold without the text. Something says me those back and headaches are LONG GONE.

  4. He really does *always* play the same character… Except for "Peggy Sue Got Married," which is comedy gold. Also an early appearance of both Jim Carrey and Helen Hunt.

  5. Say Joel, this doesn't really relate to this week's update, but I've been watching V for the past few weeks, and I'm kinda having trouble getting a feel for it. Any insight?

  6. Hello friendys! Just wanted to say (off topic from Edward Scissorhands) that the Dr. Horrible comic is out today! Rejoice! Squee! Plus, Knowing was a really bad movie. Just saying.

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