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Dallas SciFi Expo

The Dallas Scifi Expo is this weekend SATURDAY AND SUNDAY!!! I will be sharing a table with Randy from Something*Positive so put on your Storm Trooper helmet and come say hi. I have on good authority a man called Jayne is going to be there.

I’m posting this at a million o’clock the night before a con, so I don’t have much time to type… words… about George Lucas and Star Wars and Blu-Rays and such. Please post your intentions (to buy or not to buy) in the comments as well as what you think Lucas could have possibly left of out of the first 4 releases of the film.

Here are some links:

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  1. Inner completest wrestling with my inner masochist. That is the best description of what my mindset will be when I buy them. Especially when it comes to the prequels.
    I hate Jar-Jar and Emo Skywalker so much.

  2. I bought the original unaltered films on DVD secondhand so George Lucas didn't earn a cent from me. I generally ignore anything having to do with his updated trilogy. I've dabbled in some of the Star Wars video games but aside from KOTOR I wouldn't put any of them on a classic games list.

    As a whole I highly doubt Star Wars will ever recapture the magic again for me until well after Lucas is dead and other more talented people possibly have a chance to work within the universe.

  3. We're halfway through re-watching Firefly, aka Han Solo: The Series, so seeing Star Wars again would just be kind of redundant, Blu-Ray or no. And not as funny.

  4. As long as their not charging extremely high amounts for the blue ray I will probably bye it at some point. Especially since I only own the movies on VHS special edition that came out with the re-release in theaters.

  5. I am totally buying the blue ray. Basically, because I didn´t buy the dvds (alright, I bought the Revenge of the Sith, but that hardly counts), so my vhs are starting to get a little bit old and gray. Is not that I expect some kind of secret scene unleashed. I just wanna watch the movie in a blue ray quality. And if it comes with some awesome scenes or some kind of collectible, well, the better!

  6. Given that I was born in '72, the chip in my head which compels me to buy each new version of "Star Wars" tells me that I'll be picking up the Blu-Ray discs for the sonic prettiness and gleaming, 1080P crapulence of the prequels.

    Also, what John Darc says – "Uncharted" and it's sequel, "Little Big Planet", "Resistance", "Heavy Rain", "Ratchet" – the PS3 has a bunch of games worth playing.

    Great comic, though.

    • ok I'll bite, and this is in response to John Darc too.

      First and foremost, Sony has gone out of its way to hate developers by building the most asinine, overpriced piece of hardware on the planet, selling it entirely on the strength of its brand. I honestly can't tell you how much I loathe the machine, having to work with it everyday.

      But that part shouldn't matter to you, as an end user, you just care about the games. And it is true, the PS3 does have a lot of games worth playing, they're just also available on the XBox as well. So the PS3 really ends up being almost a Nintendo product: a handful of genuinely outstanding first party games, and a whole bunch of other stuff better played elsewhere, or not at all:

      Uncharted 1/2: excellent. a reason to own a ps3
      God of War 3: excellent. the reason *I* own a ps3
      Little Big Planet: A fascinating experiment in user created content, however it's still a terrible platformer that got by entirely on it's "cutesy" marketing.
      Resistance\\Killzone: I'm lumping these together because Sony desperately wants to expand into the FPS market, but neither of these games can touch Halo. (Also I found Resistance to be pretty ugly).
      Heavy Rain: another fascinating experiment, and I know some people who genuinely like it, but it's not for me.

      The biggest problem, from a developer standpoint, is that the PS3 had *NOTHING* for about 2 years or so, and we were all desperately waiting for it to just die. Sadly their insane marketing push against HDDVD provided enough people with enough reason to buy one, and now we have to support it.

  7. I'll be getting them.

    The original trilogy is Blu-Ray worthy on its own and, to be entirely honest, Phantom Menace isn't as bad as you remember it (it still feels like Star Wars and Darth Maul kicks as), Attack of the Clones is perfectly watchable as a SFX action romp and Revenge of the Sith is…erm…well…the 6th movie to complete the set.

  8. Not buying. The prequels made me swear to never give a single dollar more to George Fucking Lucas. Almost 11 years clean!

  9. I'll only buy it if they release the ORIGINAL version of the first 3 movies. I already have the fucked up special edition ones on DVD that I don't watch, I don't need another set of that abortion.

    • Considering that the last time I remember them releasing the original versions, they 4:3'd and letterboxed them, I somehow doubt that the originals are going to get the HD treatment. Also, to make the Blu-ray versions, they most likely cleaned up the already cleaned up and altered versions.

  10. I'll consider buying the original trilogy, but if its an all or nothing kind of deal then its nothing for me.

  11. I'll say this much for G.W. Lucas: The SW Saga DVDs upscale a metric fuckton better than the more highly-vaunted LotR DVD sets.

    As for the Saga on BRD: I might get it unless I'm too busy playing games on my P-S-FUCKING-THREE. 😐

  12. There's healthy competition for the slot, but I nominate the Blue Harvest ref for "Most Obscure Geek Joke in HE". But then, I'm not through the archives yet.

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