Adjusting To Change

At Noon today, Barack Obama will be sworn in as our 44th president. At 9pm he’ll delete the “Walker, Texas Ranger” season pass from the White House Tivo.

Oh, and just to clarify, Bush spent and average of 2 months clearing brush each year at his Crawford, TX ranch, but he spent and average of 4 months total on vacation each year that he was in office. That’s roughly a month shy of 1000 days of vacation in 8 years. What can I say? Don’t let the big white doors hit you in the ass on the way out, W.

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    • It's a dangerous assumption that he'll get a second term. I guarantee you that despite plainly saying all along that "it'll take more than 4 years to clear up this mess", the stupid masses and the Republicans will bang on about "failed promises", "false hope" and assorted bullshit in 2012 when things are still pretty rough.

      Let's just enjoy the next 4 years and hope America's worse-than-normal reputation can be scrubbed up a little (although even Obama won't do anything about Israel).

      • Well it's been a year since Bush's sidekick got voted out down here in Aus (got your Freedom medal? The Whitehouse guest that prevented Obama moving in? That guy) and they've been on constant attack that the economic crisis fed by years of their neglect is all the new guys fault, somehow. So, nicely put Shakey and probably unfortunately too accurate.

          • What ever helps you sleep at night mate. I just know that when I make a promise I intend to keep it, not intend to have my ass covered by the fact that constitution limits terms.

            • What helps me sleep at night is that I trust Obama to tell the TRUTH and to do everything possible to deliver on his promises. For example him telling the American people that this giant hole the previous administration put us in will take a while to get out of, I dont see that as an excuse I see it as Obama telling the honest truth.

                • You mean the drink that makes me think this country hasn't been irreparably damaged by the past 8 years of Republican rule? Anyway you should think about how pulling out that tired insult makes you look.

                  • Irreparable eh? So even Obama can't fix this country and we're beyond hope? The rabid Bush hating is getting passe. Sooner or later you'll have to realize that no party can fully control the country the way you describe; even when they have both houses and the Presidency. The system works so that deals have to be made. That means that the democrats who went along with Bush are just as culpable; more-so, since apparently they knew it was wrong all along. Not to mention they've got their reasons to be ashamed with the "do-nothing" congress. But that's OK; there's Bush to blame. An opposition president that doesn't rubber stamp his opponents legislation? The horror!
                    Anyway, why should I care? Your opinion means absolutely nothing to me. If you are so worried about our image to others on a webcomic's page, you should probably think about how arguing on the internet makes you look.

    • Assuming the world DOES NOT end in 2012 like ancient Mayan prophecies say it will. The year BHO is running for re-election & then game over. Universal Dick Move!
      Also Joel, would you hire GWB's Brush clearing service? Guy needs something to do to keep him out of politics!

  1. I love that we now have a (recovering)blackberry addict for president. I feel bad they're making him kick the habit, though. That's gotta be rough.

  2. Ugh. "Freedom fries"–how stupid was that? It's gonna take a while to get over my horrific embarrassment at the way this country has acted for 8 years.

    • Stupid as in forgetting that your biggest symbol of freedom was a gift from France? Or is 1886 too far back for the general public?

      I always found that funny…maybe Cloverfield was Republican.

      • Most folks are stuck on WW2 'round these parts. The whole "France and the finance of the American Revolution" bit has slid back into the foggy annals of the American psyche.

        Right on back there with slavery and indentured servitude.

  3. The second panel reminds me of the earlier strip, Leave Room For Cream, and makes me wonder if Eli would have socialism blend or communism roast with his fries then?

    (Btw, by now the comic's probably got enough food/drink names for a whole HE-theme restaurant. Or a bacon place. Same thing.)


  4. In all fairness to former president Bush, just because he's at Camp David or his ranch hardly means he is not working. Especially Camp David, in fact, I think one of the reasons presidents leave the White House is that they probably get more work done….

    • Based on the article that Joel referenced Bush spent 977 days of "Vacation", and that sounds like a lot. However, if you add up weekends, holidays, and vacation time, the average American spends 992 days in the same 8 year span. And like you said, its not like the guy is actually out of contact from work. It's not like in a major crisis he can say "I'm on vacation, let Dick deal with it", oh wait… 😉

  5. Something about the phrase "coffee with douches" makes me happy inside. I think it's the fact that we now have a president who I not only voted for and like, but who seems to be a human being instead of some kind of terrifying robot or alien. And so I bet he does make snarky notes in his blackberry, and this just warms my soul all the way through.

  6. as a Canadian I have no illusions about politicians, there is a certain type of personallity that is drawn to politics and it's never nice, some are just better at hidding it than others… we generally go, yeah he's a big douche, but he's not as big a douche as the other guy

    a lot of us think you are setting yourselves up for dissapointment as some of you are worshipping and prasing him so much that he has no where to go right now but down.


    I must say I was really impressed with the post inauguration speech, rarely have I heard a politician that enthusiastic and eloquent.

    • "I must say I was really impressed with the post inauguration speech, rarely have I heard a politician that enthusiastic and eloquent."

      I've felt that way basically every time I've heard to the man talk. When he's not making eloquent and impassioned speeches, he's talking to people like they're human beings with a degree of intelligence who deserve straight answers. As a country, we arent used to that.

  7. As someone who got suckered into voting for W twice, I'm glad he's done. Now people will have to find some other easy target. I'm tired of people blaming all of the countries problems one one person.

    I wish Obama all the luck, but I think he's doomed before he even starts. So many people are treating him like the second coming and he hasn't even done any thing yet. Having said that, if people feel hopeful because he's there then things will get better. The average consumer has more to do with the economy than Wall Street and DC combined.

    • I think the "second coming" opinion stems from the fact he's not only a very intelligent, eloquent and charismatic man, he also makes a point of talking to people on a human level. As Joel pointed out earlier, Americans aren't used to that.

      Plus I think the fact he's not a sabre-rattling Republican helps.

  8. I can't say that I haven't been hissing against Americans in general during Bush's reign. I'd like to think that it's been the combination of politics, fear, pride and propaganda which drove the people into a united state of "madness". I can't say it's fully the former presidents fault since the people after all elected him. However fair the election itself was is debatable according to me but irrelevant at this point.

    My point here is that yes, Americas foreign reputation sucks balls right now and I for one would love for it to be a whole lot better and have that regain my trust in the American people. Not for anyone else but myself. My point in voicing these personal opinions is to basically say that it's apparent that other countries care about the US, for good or bad. They care enough to babble on on a comment section for a comic. =D

    Forgive my ramblings. I tend to go on whenever find something to ramble about.

    • that bit was hilarious and strangely comforting to know that Daily Show won't be lacking for funny in the future.

      what? he *is* a politician, you know. 🙂

    • Great comic, by the way.
      Aside from the gay part, I relate to Josh quite comfortably [I wouldn't cuddle with him in bed… he seems like a blanket hog].

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