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NOTE: I wrote an entire giant post about my thoughts on the premiere and LOST in general and Google Chrome (Dev Channel) ate it. I doubt I am going to retype the whole thing. Sorry.

Feel free to post your light-to-no spoilers thoughts on the LOST season 6 premiere in the comments.

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  1. Hahaha, yeah, hanging out in the HE Lost premiere chatroom (brought to you by Christine, LLC) this is pretty much exactly how things went. Also Jean Luc doll makes me happy.


    Man, put a huge neon SPOILER sign before the comic, thank god I had already seen the first 10 minutes during lunch and I guessed what it was about reading the first sentence.

    A bit of respect for your readers would be nice.

    • Calm down. Whats the spoiler exactly? I mention "someone getting killed" who was killed in the finale of last season. I think 9 months is enough time for it not to be considered a spoiler and I didnt even name names.

      • I guess maybe hinting at the alternate timelines could be considered a spoiler? But yeah, the rest of it was vague enough not to really spoil anything. Anyone who watches the show could have figured out it was about Lost within the first panel and stopped reading, but you would have to have seen the episode to understand what is was referring to specifically.

  3. People complained about "spoilers" with the episode of House last season when whats-his-name killed himself… and after watching the episode I realized there was really no way to spoil that. It just kind of happened, and that's that. A spoiler is when you actually give away the plot. When there's no plot related to an event, it's just an event and OK to mention.

  4. I got more enjoyment out of watching the mind bending movie "Primer" than I did watching the five minute re-cap of every season of Lost on YouTube. Then again, I'm still putting myself through agony watching Heroes in hopes it somehow regains it's first season glory.

    • At least they seem to be giving Sylar somewhat more reasonable motivations for how he acts instead of just randomly changing him from a good guy to a bad guy for no real reason.

    • They've nerfed Sylar so much even this redemption-through-isolation routine doesn't wash. Samuel and the carnival were very intriguing right up until he went batshit generic lost-love-so-destroy-the-world badguy.

      Still, it's the second best season and has had enough to stop me regretting sticking with it.

      Almost said the same about Lost – starts in the UK tonight and I'm very glad it's the last season because I am at that "c'mon let's sort this shit out" mindset now. One way or another Lost will be done with in 4 months, and it'll either rock the heavens or be a welcome end to a great show that "lost" its way.

  5. Alternative realities with slightly unsynchronized timelines, what's not to love about that!
    It was just the logical next step, really, first there where boring flashbacks, then slightly interesting flashforwards, then a brief intermission of amusing timeskipping, now Flashsides! Genius!
    I was excited instead of angry… men my family got annoyed with me explaining my theories to them for like two hours after the premiere (theories like Jacob being future-in-the-past Shepard and the anti-Jacob being Sawyer… believe me, that's what's going to be revealed).
    I think it was more annoying for them because I was the only one in the entire house that didn't liked Lost when it started and they where all really into it, back then I was like "people lost in an island… meh… they need a Wilson".
    I only got into it after the last season, when most of my family started getting upset with the show, now I'm like: time travel + mythological allegories + possibly alien godlike entities = me giggling like a little girl watching Puka.
    Who didn't knew anti-Jacob was the smoke monster? It was absolutely obvious from the moment anti-Jacob made is first human appearance! -that's the kind of comment that is slowly turning me into a pariah in my own home-.
    I just wonder what is it with Abrams and parallel realities, it's like a fetish for that guy. Not that I'm complaining, I'm becoming an enthusiast of the Parallely porn fetish… just imagine The Orgy of Infinite Olivias…

    • S2 rocked because the head-messing WTFery was great at the time. It was season 3 that started the slide for me.

      And I know it wasn't canon, but the Lost Experience ARG that ran at the time did cover some canon topics so it pissed me off IMMENSELY that the show just disregarded it all.

  6. I really enjoyed watching those little bits of Lost during the two hours of commercials ABC was running on Tuesday night.

  7. "NOTE: I wrote an entire giant post about my thoughts on the premiere and LOST in general and Google Chrome (Dev Channel) ate it. I doubt I am going to retype the whole thing. Sorry."

    What a LOST-y thing to do Joel! GOSH!

    "NOTE: I had all the answers right here for you but OH WAIT NO I DON'T ALL OF A SUDDEN"

    Also, how many toes does the Jean Luc doll have?

  8. I could never quite understand why anyone would subject themselves to such unspeakable torment. It seems such the order of the day to see folks watch a series, and be wrathful in long and grandiloquent words, and then go back to their televisions and continue watching, words of invective still streaming from their respective mouths. The same has been true with Heros and Big Brother.

  9. So the island is some kind of prison for the entity that is the smoke monster? That's my theory and I'm sticking to it. Perhaps Jacob is the jailer. Though it appears that there is a "fountain of youth" on the island. Maybe a guest star by Ponce de León? Eh as it stands at least the show is interesting…

  10. I still think it should have ended with that bloody hatch opening and a dancing frog jumping out, singing 'Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime girl…'

    I'd actually already given up early on in season one when they hit me over the head with the clunky visual metaphor of the moth when whatsisface was caught in the cave. Argh.

  11. Bettina said: I still think it should have ended with that bloody hatch opening and a dancing frog jumping out, singing ‘Hello my baby, hello my honey, hello my ragtime girl…’


    • "Leverage" is awesome television. Some good ol' fashioned mindless super-heist super-thieves super-cons. Plus now they have some 7 of 9 sans shiny bits! Whats not to love?

    • I haven't gotten into Leverage, but I've got the overwhelming urge simply to see what Lindsey from Angel (Christian Kane) and Jane from the BBC version of Coupling (Gina Bellman) are up to.

  12. What is so hard to understand about LOST?

    LOST for Dummies:
    * Some people crashed on an island
    * …which turns out to be Crazy Island
    * then it turns out they’re all connected in some way
    * we learn more about the characters
    * now we’re learning more about why this all happened

    THAT’S IT. REALLY. It’s a show about exploring who the characters are. Would they really be different people if they’d never crashed? It’s a show exploring the meaning of human nature. All the other stuff is pretty much unimportant.

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