A Few Minor Bugs

Josh is ever the early adopter. He’s the perpetual volunteer technology guinea pig, especially where iDevices and Apple operating systems are concerned. Most times the only consequences he has to endure for his enthusiasm are a couple of “restores from backup” or maybe a total factory reset. Other times he ends up with no skin. Still, I bet he enjoyed that new panorama feature in iOS 6 at least once or twice before he was flayed.


If you ordered the Lil’ Wil plushie, the order page has been updated with an estimated delivery date (to us) of November. Once they’re in hand, they’ll start shipping from Blind Ferret out to you.

Speaking of Blind Ferret and Wil Wheaton, they’re all at Montreal Comiccon this weekend.

You can find my shirts and books at the Blind Ferret Booth (506 and 508). If sales are good when I’m not even there, I might try to come to the show next year. Canada is always incredibly expensive to get to (from Texas) and to stay in, but it’s also always a blast.

COMMENTERS: Are you a firmware hacker, a jailbreaker a boot loader or a rom flasher? Or are you a skittish software installer like me who waits for the OS cookies to be fully baked and cooled before biting into them? Any particular triumphs or horror stories? Back in the days of dumb phones when dumb phones were JUST starting to get smarter I had a Symbian OS Nokia. It was the first phone I’d ever even held that you could install apps on. I think they were all java apps that random dudes coded in their basements and uploaded to usenet, but they were MORE than what I paid for which was neat. The phone also shared the same internals as the Nokia N-gage (Taco Talkin’ Time!), so I was able to load 1 or 2 N-gage games at a time onto the flash card. Games that were impossible to play without a proper D-pad. Still, it was pretty neat.

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  1. Aaaand now I know what you mean by "most disturbing panel ever." Suddenly thinking I'll just skip lunch.
    (Well, you DID warn us… )

  2. i have to tell you, none of your comics have ever made me want to shit myself

    but something about an iphone murdering someone is just too believable

    namely because THEY COULD DO IT (lord knows apple has the technology)

  3. See this? This is what happens when you don't read the "Terms and Conditions" when you update/download stuff.

    Granted the "may be flayed alive" section is pretty close to the bottom, but they put that stuff in there for a reason people.

  4. Way to hold the phone wrong, Josh!

    I'm too stubborn to be all rooting and flashing. I figure I paid enough for the thing, it sure as hell better get updates and the updates had better be good. Also, most rooting and flashing seems to require a Windows machine, so… so much for Android x MacBook.

  5. I've dabbled into stuff like that. I unfortunately updated my Tmobile Galaxy SII to ICS, and had to find a way back to Gingerbread.
    Then there was the FlatPad, which still doesn't work after updating the firmware.

  6. "Limp, the body of Josh hung from the pink palette; unsupported hanging high above us in the computer chamber; and it did not shiver in the chill, oily breeze that blew eternally through the main cavern…"

  7. Apps? Whassat? I still haven't upgraded my Stone Age-era "feature phone". It can use Java-based apps, but that's about all. I refer to it as a GED phone. Not quite smart.

    No offense intended for you delightful people that bounced out of high school early.

  8. My favorite line in Hellraiser is between Larry and daughter Kirsty as they chat in the kitchen doorway.

    "Bla bla bla plot points bla. I'll try to be nice to creepy step-mom. I'll make some tea."

    "Great idea. There's the kitchen."

    It's obviously a special movie in my heart.

  9. You MUST send one of those Lil’ Wil plushie to the creators of Big Bang Theory. Could be the one collectible to push Sheldon over the edge. 🙂

  10. I don't know about any of this "wiresless" half-eaten fruit hand-held devices.

    I just know I really, really, really, really, really, really, really HATE having to be the one who teaches my mom how to use a smartphone.
    Simply because I'm the only one patient enough to listen to her unending nonsensical questions and even more ridiculous "theories" of why X keeps happening.
    (When, "I don't know, mom. I don't get email on MY phone," doesn't end the discussion.)

  11. You know, this is really one of those comics you shouldn't put up unless you have something else to follow it the next day. I can't bring myself to come back another day to check for a new comic until I get the all clear from someone else that I won't have to have that image seared further into my brain. Also…I'm going to stick with Android. 🙂

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