Comic and Podcast Update

I’m handling a bit of a crisis right now and won’t be able to get to the comic until tomorrow some point in the very near future maybe never.

There are a handful of shirts that should already be in FB hands and are… off the grid. More than likely I am going to be eating a chunk of cash, cursing the USPS and going into disaster recovery mode to get these shirts out. I’m already getting unhappy emails from customers which is the worst thing that can happen. I’m suspending the comic (again) until this crisis is averted.

This kind of shit gives me ulcers.

Eli and Josh aren’t available for the Podcast this week, so I offer a worthy substitute in the form of the Open Mike, Insert Foot Podcast.

Mike Leuszler ( conducted an interview with me (my first!) and it’s all uploaded in MP3 goodness. It’s all about the comic and The Experiment and such. It’s about an hour, so check it out and hopefully the HE Castcast will be back next week.

In summation: I have a shirt related migraine, comic will be up Saturday and No Podcast this week/ listen to the Interview I did.


The shirt situation is handled. I could write a 3 or 4 page post about the frustrations the last few days have caused me, but I’m just going to chalk it up to “on the job training” and move on.

If you ordered a shirt in the month of September and haven’t received it, I’ve refunded your shipping. The shirts are in the mail and should be there any day. I

If you ordered a shirt in the month of October, you either already have it or will within a few days.

If you ordered a print at any point before today, they are signed and in the mail.

If you ORDER A SHIRT today you will get it much faster than in the past because they are being drop shipped directly from the printer. I lose a little profit this way, but it’s much faster and easier on every body.

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Shipping update and help needed!

All shirts ordered from April 22nd to May 9th are out the door.


The “Holodeck is for Porn” shirts look awesome.

I need your help on a couple of issues:

1) I ordered a Ladies 2XL Baby Doll “Godspeed You Fancy Bastard” shirt and have it in my posession. I can’t find an order, email, or Paypal payment that goes with it. If this is yours, please let me know because somehow I have lost your order. If no one claims it and you want it, place an order and I will ship it right away.

2) Anyone have any idea why my LJ Syndication Feed is borked?
FB, Serenity Valley alerted me to the issue.  It either says “Too Big” or “Parse Error” as the reason for its borkedness.

I didn’t create this feed and I have no access to make changes to it. The XML link goes to the right feed, so I have no idea what to do.

3) Just a heads up, but I noticed HE Podcast #3 had less than half of the downloads of #2 and #4, so I check it out and the MP3 was named weird. I bet this jacked with iTunes or something, so I fixed it. If you want to give it a listen the working link should be here.

Youtubes, Facebooks and Flickrs, Oh My!

I wanted to point out a few new developments for HijiNKS Ensue that some of you Fancy Bastards might enjoy.

Finnish FB, Jarmo, started an HE Facebook Group.


I’ve finally started uploading reader pics to Flickr.


I also posted some pics from one of our first HE Podcasts. Probably episode 4 or 5.


I’ll keep updating these as I get new pics, so send yours to comics(at)hijinksensue(dot)com.

I also wanted to remind you that if you use Twitter, you can follow me here.


And you can check out my video blogs, where I chronicle my attempts to make a living from this comic, here.


Lastly, looks like I’ll be working with FB Bill to set up a Fancy Bastard Forum. More on that as it develops.

T-Shirt Presale Ends 11/30/07

Thanks to everyone that has ordered a shirt so far. You will notice that I’ve put a final date on the t-shirt presale of 11/30/07. I want to make sure everyone that has ordered gets their shirt in a timely fashion.

Now the bad(ish) news. If I don’t have enough orders by the end of the presale, I don’t know if my printer will be able to print the shirts. In that case I will have to scramble to find a backup printer that will do smaller runs.

The Challenge!

1) Anyone that can get the site, the store, or the shirt designs linked on a major site (Digg Home Page, Boing Boing, Etc) will get a free shirt of their choice (hell, make it two) and anything else I can throw at them in the way of favors and kudos.

2) Anyone that can get 5 or more people to buy a shirt them email me with their names will get a free shirt of their choice.

We’ve got roughly 3 weeks left to go in this presale. Afterwards, depending on the response I will start another or move on to a new shirt design.

Suggestions for how to spread the word, let me know! comics (at) hijinksensue (dot) com.

Post Halloween links

Holy crap

Seriously. Father of the year.


I mean, we talked about it…but damn. That is craftsmanship right there. A commitment to a dream.

God Hates Fucking Assholes

Hey Fred Phelps! FUCK YOU! You got 3 million dollars? No? What about 11 fucking million dollars?

I seriously hope Fred Phelps gets fucking raped and murdered. I will line up to protest that funeral. Matter of fact, I want to hold a candle light vigil at his grave where two gay dudes fuck right on his headstone.

Josh’s Creativity Cup Runneth Over.

For Halloween, Real Josh went as Comic Josh.