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Holy crap

Seriously. Father of the year.


I mean, we talked about it…but damn. That is craftsmanship right there. A commitment to a dream.

God Hates Fucking Assholes

Hey Fred Phelps! FUCK YOU! You got 3 million dollars? No? What about 11 fucking million dollars?

I seriously hope Fred Phelps gets fucking raped and murdered. I will line up to protest that funeral. Matter of fact, I want to hold a candle light vigil at his grave where two gay dudes fuck right on his headstone.

Josh’s Creativity Cup Runneth Over.

For Halloween, Real Josh went as Comic Josh.

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  1. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that I’m gonna have to fuck on his headstone. As a matter of fact, it should be a full-out orgy.

  2. Wow, Josh looks amazingly like his comic self. Guess I didn’t expect that after seeing the Gabe and Tycho in real life.

    Re: Fred Phelps: What a fucking asshole.

  3. When Jerry Falwell died, I made a fifty dollar donation to Planned Parenthood in his honor, in hopes it would fund some abortions. What’s a good charity for when Fred Phelps kicks it?

  4. @Dean
    Someday Ill post a pic of the 3 of us. The guys in the comic are really just caricatures of the 3 of us in real life.

    I dont think theres a “Stop Rediculous Hateful Assholes” fund, but you could donate to GLAAD, or find out if anyone is trying to stop him now and donate to their cause.

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