Ewok Stare Shirts Are In The Store!

Holy crap-pants you guys! The Ewok Stare shirts [based on THIS comic] are actually IN THE STORE!

Ewok Stare Shirt

I am super proud of this design, as it took over a year and at least 6 complete do-overs to get right.

If you would like to support HijiNKS ENSUE, picking up this shirt would be a great way to do so. You can also submit this post to your favorite sci-fi and general geek interest blogs/news sites to spread the word. Continue reading

Bigger Better Comic Prints Are In The Store!

NEWS! Super giant HE comic prints are available at Topatoco now!
HijiNKS ENSUE Comic Prints

I’ve always thought my comics looked at least 60% better when viewed at a larger size. Now when you buy a comic print you can get them at the size I actually draw them! No more secret pixels that only I know about. Also, when you click “Buy A Print” beneath a comic it will autofill the URL of the comic in your order. Pretty cool stuff.

Just so you know, this is relative size difference between the web art you see on the site and the size of the art on the new prints:Continue reading

What’s Happening? Where Am I?

You may notice the surroundings look a little different today. That’s because my 9 month plan to revamp the look of HijiNKSEnsue.com has finally been completed (mostly). Back in January I hired a designer to make the site prettier. I didn’t trust myself to do it since I tend to overthink things like drop shadows and strokes and such. Left to my own devices everything would have a freakin’ drop shadow, multiple strokes and probably some beveling and embossing. The designer eventually flaked out and bailed on me after making me wait nearly 6 months to see an initial design. Luckily he had gotten far enough that a generally awesome dude, and longtime friend of webcomics Frumph (aka Phil) was able to step in and finish the job.


Frumph was the lead developer on Comicpress for several years which is the WordPress theme that runs 90% of the comics you read. He is starting a new fork of that project called Comic Easel (which I’m sure we will all be using when it is released). Frumph spends most of his nights working on sites for webcomics artists and often (if not usually) free of charge. Chances are near 100% that at least one of comics you read besides HE has been bailed out by Frumph on more than one occasion. With that in mind I ask that you to toss a few bucks in his donation bucket to help with the development costs of his new project. The webcomic community has benefited greatly from his efforts and will continue to do so as long as he is able to keep going. Let’s help him out, alright?

Donate to Frumph!

Large Air Whales Like SilenceAlso, special thanks to Joenis/Denis/Slug (he goes by a few names) who makes a comic called L.A.W.L.S. for pitching in and doing a lot of the CSS work for the new site. Without his help it definitely wouldn’t be ready yet. His art is really fantastic and you should check it out.

I hope you enjoy the new layout of the site. It will be at least a week until everything is buttoned up and the placeholders are removed. If anything seems broken, feel free to comment below and I’ll add it to the bug list. Oh! And I’ve spent the last week reformatting all the 2009-2010 comics. They are now 60 pixels wider and include the title in the comic. Whatever percentage 60 pixels is out of the original 760px, that’s how much bigger they are! For FREE! Enjoy your embarrassment of pixel riches.

Book 1 Artist Edition Close Out and Other News


July 1st – July 31st will be your LAST CHANCE to get a PERSONALIZED HE BOOK 1 ARTIST EDITION until the 2011 holiday season!!!

ORDER NOW or forever (or for like 6 months) hold on to your funds!

After July 31st you will be able to order the book through my Topatoco store in regular and (non-personalized, as in “pre drawn”) Artist Edition flavors. If you want something special in your HE book 1 you must act nowish.

Continue reading