Comic and Podcast Update

I’m handling a bit of a crisis right now and won’t be able to get to the comic until tomorrow some point in the very near future maybe never.

There are a handful of shirts that should already be in FB hands and are… off the grid. More than likely I am going to be eating a chunk of cash, cursing the USPS and going into disaster recovery mode to get these shirts out. I’m already getting unhappy emails from customers which is the worst thing that can happen. I’m suspending the comic (again) until this crisis is averted.

This kind of shit gives me ulcers.

Eli and Josh aren’t available for the Podcast this week, so I offer a worthy substitute in the form of the Open Mike, Insert Foot Podcast.

Mike Leuszler ( conducted an interview with me (my first!) and it’s all uploaded in MP3 goodness. It’s all about the comic and The Experiment and such. It’s about an hour, so check it out and hopefully the HE Castcast will be back next week.

In summation: I have a shirt related migraine, comic will be up Saturday and No Podcast this week/ listen to the Interview I did.


The shirt situation is handled. I could write a 3 or 4 page post about the frustrations the last few days have caused me, but I’m just going to chalk it up to “on the job training” and move on.

If you ordered a shirt in the month of September and haven’t received it, I’ve refunded your shipping. The shirts are in the mail and should be there any day. I

If you ordered a shirt in the month of October, you either already have it or will within a few days.

If you ordered a print at any point before today, they are signed and in the mail.

If you ORDER A SHIRT today you will get it much faster than in the past because they are being drop shipped directly from the printer. I lose a little profit this way, but it’s much faster and easier on every body.

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  1. I have to say, I ordered a shirt recently, and although it was late, it was great when it arrived, and my partner loved it. I thought you handled things very well, by giving out the free coupon for a signed comic. And you also made a new fan – I love the series!

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