T-Shirt Presale Ends 11/30/07

Thanks to everyone that has ordered a shirt so far. You will notice that I’ve put a final date on the t-shirt presale of 11/30/07. I want to make sure everyone that has ordered gets their shirt in a timely fashion.

Now the bad(ish) news. If I don’t have enough orders by the end of the presale, I don’t know if my printer will be able to print the shirts. In that case I will have to scramble to find a backup printer that will do smaller runs.

The Challenge!

1) Anyone that can get the site, the store, or the shirt designs linked on a major site (Digg Home Page, Boing Boing, Etc) will get a free shirt of their choice (hell, make it two) and anything else I can throw at them in the way of favors and kudos.

2) Anyone that can get 5 or more people to buy a shirt them email me with their names will get a free shirt of their choice.

We’ve got roughly 3 weeks left to go in this presale. Afterwards, depending on the response I will start another or move on to a new shirt design.

Suggestions for how to spread the word, let me know! comics (at) hijinksensue (dot) com.

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