New Desktops and iPhone Wallpapers in The Vault

I just put a slew of new desktops and iPhone wallpapers based on THIS COMIC in The Vault.

To get to these goodies, you can either subscribe to The Vault to get access every month, or make a one time donation and get access for one month.

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In The Vault you will also find:

  • The HE Podcast Post Show (usually 45 min – 1 hour of extra Podcastery for each show)
  • Behind the scenes art
  • Works in Progress
  • Original concept art and early comics that have never been published before
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  1. shoot em up is my favorite kill everyone movie… and as a double bonus it syncs up with the nanny diaries…

    no shit we went to a triple bill at the local drive in and the middle piece of crap was the nanny diaries but it was funny because the father was never there as he was on "business" – of course we'd yell out he's still chasing clive ownes across NY

    in shoot em up he was always telling the wife he couldn't quite make it home yet,

    and at the end of both movies she divorces him

    it makes the nanny diaries much more entertaining when you think about it like that. not a whole lot more entertaining, but just enough that it is bearable to watch

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