Podcasting is harder than it sounds

Hijinks Ensue giveth and Hijinks Ensue taketh away. Monday it will taketh away a new comic and giveth you a podcast. This initial Podcastery took up most of my weekend, so I’ll only be doing one comic this week (Thursday). Having never done this before, there was a tonne of trial and error. Josh and Eli came over on Saturday to record. We spent about an hour setting up and working through technical difficulties. A few false starts, then we winged it (wung it?). I will post the fruits of our labor first thing Monday.

I am working on the iTunes feed for the podcast but you can have the podcast RSS feed right now. You can also get the podcasts, along with comics and blog posts in the regular “everything” RSS feed.

So how did it go?


Having a funny conversation when no one is listening = easy. Having a funny conversation when you feel like you have to = teh h4rdz. I had plans to talk about topics, read mail from you guys and, oh I don’t know, have coherent discourse that human beings could understand. Well, I forgot all the topics, and forgot to read the emails. Speaking of, I am saving those for next time, so if you emailed with a question I will get to them. I did read and almost answer a question from Kip. I think I came off sounding like I was being a dick to Kip. I wasn’t trying to. I was just confused and frightened.

Things should go smoother next time. I think the more questions we have to answer, the better we will do. So email your questions to podcast(at)hijinksensue.com. You can even email a recording of a question and we might play it on the show.

Of the 3 of us, Eli was the most pleased with how things turned out. He was riding that train wreck off into the sunset with a shit eating grin on his face. Every time I threatened to cut something out, he baulked and insisted “the worse it is, the better it is.” That must be what they teach you in Mexican public schools.

Anyway, give it a listen and let me know what you think. I really do appreciate the emails and comments I got with suggestions and questions. There were some really good questions and I hope to answer them next week.

You can download/ listen to the podcast here.

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  1. This was the best podcast I’ve heard in a long time. As for answering questions, fuck that. You guys are best when you’re winging it. The Rambo discussion alone was worth the price of admission.


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